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The Best Costumes of Hong Kong Sevens 2017

Oh Hong Kong, you did it again! Sevens fans never fail to reach new heights of awesomeness in the costume department, and this year certainly didn’t disappoint.

From butterflies to punks, and Pikachus to naked Sims (and thankfully no Trump clones), we really had it all in the stadium.

So here’s to everyone who tagged #localiiz and to those who posed oh-so-gracefully for our Localiiz lens.

Now go ahead and tag yourselves!

The stadium was calling ...
Photo credit @harshilbhasin

... and naturally, you answered! "Hello, Sailor!"
Photo credit: Stella Ko

From tropical beauties ...
Photo credit: Felicity Raper
... to beautiful Madama Butterflies
Photo credit: Lauren Pincott
And cheeky Pikachus ...
Photo credit: Localiiz
... to kick ass punks!
Photo credit: @djarchibald
The sun was shining bright ...
Photo credit: @romyrosereyes

... and so was this diva's hat!
Photo credit: Localiiz

Clearly HOT enough for ice pops ...
Photo credit: @djarchibald

... and too hot to wear clothes for these cheeky Sims!
Photo credit: @bryonyanneb
Meanwhile, others were getting "risky" in the South Stand!
Photo credit: Janhavi Shah
We're not really sure what's going on here ...
Photo credit: @djarchibald
... and we won't even go into this one!
Photo Credit: Toby Raper
Some were just BAD ...
Photo credit: @djarchibald
... but nothing really topped these guys!
Photo credit: Hong Kong Rugby Union
... but this little stormtrooper was going Han Solo!
Photo credit: Localiiz
Some got in touch with their 'feminine' side ...
Photo credit: Localiiz
... and others were feeling a bit 'old' for the South Stand!
Photo credit: Localiiz
There were many 'golden' moments ...
Photo credit: Siân Wynn-Jones

... and many proud ones!
Photo credit: Localiiz
And although Trump wasn't to be seen, his "huge" wall was pretty hard to miss!
Photo credit: @djarchibald
As the day went on ...
Photo credit: julia_harling
... things were heating up on the pitch.
Photo credit: @kimberleyfun
The crowds piled in to watch Fiji beat South Africa in the final ...
Photo credit: Localiiz
... and of course, the victory was spectacular!
Photo credit: Localiiz
Another epic Sevens ended on a BANG!
Photo credit: Localiiz
And it was off to the Sevens Village to celebrate!
Photo credit: Localiiz


Didn’t spot yourself? Maybe you will in our good old Sevens sing-along video!

We’ll see you next year!

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