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VIDEO: Don’t Forget to Look Up!


In a city as hectic as Hong Kong, we often get so immersed in our smartphone screens that we forget to look up, but one man is here to remind us what we’re missing.

Breathtaking sunsets, watercolour skies, and dancing clouds are the stars of Twilight, the stunning new video created by 41-year-old filmmaker Patrick Cheung. If this isn’t reason enough to prise your eyes away from the latest app (we’re looking at you Pokémon GO!) then nothing is.

Patiently poised with his trusty Nikon D810 camera, and some pretty impressive time-lapse skills, Cheung captures the mesmerising transformation of the sky as the day draws to a close over our bustling city. From burning orange hues, to blossom pink glows, Mother Nature works her magic during these softly lit hours to put on one truly magical performance.

Of course, these show-stopping shots aren’t the result of luck. “It’s very hard to capture the beautiful views in Hong Kong because the weather is so unpredictable – I have failed many times,” Cheung explains. “But I always think a few hours of time-lapsing is far more incredible to watch than just one photo.” We couldn’t agree more.

So while it is good to enjoy all of the benefits technology has brought us, just remember to look up once in a while – you might be missing something quite spectacular.

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