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Behind the Wheel: Video Documents the Night Time Adventures of a Hong Kong Taxi
May 19th 2014: With more than 18,000 taxis serving our city, every Hong Konger will be familiar with the speedy red wagons that take us to and fro, day and night, drunk or sober. For most however, interest in the person behind the wheel, and indeed the taxi itself, evaporates as soon as we reach our destination.


Human Nature – Michael Wolf is Back at it Again with ‘Hong Kong Flora’
May 13th 2014: When we last checked in with prolific Hong Kong photographer Michael Wolf, we dove straight into exploring his project Hong Kong Trilogy, the first of his intended series of nine books on the city’s vernacular culture. To coincide with the launch of this month’s Chai Wan Mei Festival, Wolf has released the latest offering, Hong Kong Flora.


Panoramic City: Photographer Creates Interactive 360° Experience of Hong Kong
May 2nd 2014: With the panoramic function being a staple on iPhones and Androids alike, almost anyone can now take panoramic pictures. But not everyone can do it quite as well as self-taught Hong Kong photography enthusiast Wong Chi Chuen, who we stumbled across on 360 Cities, a website that acts like a fancy high-def Google Street View.


Weather Treasure – Breathtaking Photographs of Hong Kong’s Weather
April 8th 2014: As seen from the epic storms on March 31st, Hong Kong’s weather can be unpredictable and amazing, all at the same time. Local Hong Kong photographer Hudson Ng (aka Photo by GOD) has managed to capture some brilliantly breathtaking weather wonders that fully showcase the power and beauty of Mother Nature.


The Other Side of Hong Kong – Jeffrey Poon’s Hong Kong Naturescapes
April 2nd 2014: Local and self-taught photographer Jeffrey Poon has gained attention in the Hong Kong community with his unconventional pictures of our city. Instead of focusing only on photographing only the typical city landscape and skyline, Jeffrey ventures out around our vast but small home and captures the beauty of Hong Kong’s nature.


Surreal Photographs of Hong Kong’s Cityscapes
March 24th 2014: Yet another talented photographer has chosen to photograph our magnificent city – and this time, German photographer Jens Fersterra captures Hong Kong in a way that makes it look positively unreal in his series “Hong Kong Cityscapes.”



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