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Light Pollution at Hong Kong Astro-Park

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Shooting the Impossible: Meet the Man who Goes to Extremes to Capture the Unseen Side of Hong Kong
February 18th 2014: Stephen Duddridge is a man who truly suffers for his art. When the typhoons hit and others batten down the hatches, he heads out to Hong Kong’s highest peaks and sits in the storm for hours.


An 18-Year-Old’s Video Explores Hong Kong’s 18 Districts in 18 Days
February 7th 2014: Anyone who’s lived in Hong Kong for more than a couple of months will be well aware of what a small world we inhabit. But despite this, can you honestly say you’ve truly explored Hong Kong? One local who can now make that claim with conviction is 18-year-old Matt Kwan.


Michael Wolf in Focus: The Prolific Hong Kong Photographer on the Beauty of Back Allies, Invasion Vs Art and the Benefits of Living Small
January 23rd 2014: As he prepares to launch the latest of many books presenting the untidy, chaotic but essentially resourceful nature of our city, Localiiz quizzed the man who sees beauty beyond the blemishes about the meaning behind his projects.


Miles of Smiles for Hong Kong Happy Video
January 20th 2014: Towards the end of 2013, more and more reports of Hong Kong being unhappy were circulating in the press. But perhaps some frowns will be turned upside down with the help of Hélène Franchineau, Edwin Lee and Divinia Montagnon’s recently released copycat video of Pharrell Williams’ latest hit Happy.


Photo Finish – See the Happy Valley Races like Never Before
January 17th 2014: Unless you’ve been hiding in a hole for the past couple of years, you’ll have stumbled across tilt-shift photography, perhaps without even realising it. This week we were wowed by Happy Hippodrome, a three-minute masterpiece that makes Hong Kong’s Happy Valley Races appear as if in miniature.


Christmas in Hong Kong has Never Looked Cooler
January 6th 2014: Yeah, yeah, we know Christmas is over and most of you are probably glad, but we couldn’t help but fall in love this new Hong Kong video by David Rusho. Only posted on Vimeo two days ago, Hong Kong Hyperlapse Christmas 2013 was created from 3,000 photos taken over a two-month period at various Hong Kong locations.

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