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Adieu My Love – A Videographer’s Romantic Ode To Hong Kong
April 24th 2014: After six years of calling it home, talented videographer Gregory Kane had to bid adieu to our beloved Hong Kong last year. But all was not lost, as the bittersweet goodbye prompted him to create a love letter of the digital generation for the city.


Escape the City: An Insider Guide to Island Hopping in Hong Kong
April 17th 2014: Some of Hong Kong’s best kept secrets are found in its outlying islands. With a series of long weekends now in front of us, it’s time to plan some staycation and excursions with the help of our Insider Guide to Hong Kong Island Hopping, brought to you in collaboration with Kwiksure.


Lawless Labyrinth or Close Community? Short Documentary Delves into the Heart of the Kowloon Walled City
April 7th 2014: The Kowloon Walled City is remembered as one of Hong Kong’s most famous landmarks and one of the world’s greatest oddities. Twenty years after its demolition, the Wall Street Journal graces us with an eye-opening documentary.


Smog City: Beijing Offers Newlyweds Something Far From A Fairytale Wedding Setting
March 3rd 2014: A Beijing based newlywed couple has clearly found the ultimate silver lining in taking their wedding photos in the heavy polluted streets of their city.


The Beauty in Hong Kong’s Urban Architecture
March 3rd 2014: Hong Kong has proven to be the perfect muse for photographers around the world. We’ve stumbled across the work of Gabor Erdelyi from Hungary, and his photographic project titled ‘Urban Lines.’ His project features the architecture of our very own Hong Kong from his visit to the fragrant harbour in 2010.


The Two Russian Climbers Living Life On The Edge in Asia
February 21st 2014: There is only a handful of people in the world that you could classify as truly fearless, but rouge Russian climbers Vadim Makhorov and Vitaly Raskalov are definitely two of them.



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