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Spotlight on Spas – Get Your Face On at Flawless

September 18th 2013

Spotlight on Spas continues as Crystal Wilde puts her best face forward in a makeup masterclass.

It’s that ever-hilarious joke among men: “Why do women wear makeup and perfume? Because they’re ugly and they smell.” Odour aside, it’s undeniable that makeup is a useful tool in any woman’s arsenal – no offense natural beauty!

I’m hardly shy with the slap, and can sympathise to a certain extent with my all-time idol Dolly Parton, who famously said she would “Die in the quake” rather than be forced to go outside fresh faced in the event of a sudden natural disaster. That said, with no older sister to show me the ropes and an adamantly un-glam mother, my brush work could no doubt do with some refining. Knowing that nothing looks worse than a botched makeup job, I headed to Flawless for a master class in perfection.

Along with specialist facials, massage, nail art and one of the biggest male menus in town, the so-called ‘anti-spa’ boasts a barrage of former celebrity makeup artists ready to wage war against the terrors of tide marks and panda eyes. I stopped by before ‘date night’ for a session with Vaiva, a suitably gorgeous Lithuanian makeup artist who started out in her mum’s beauty salon before travelling the world to offer her talents on photo shoots and fashion shows.

“I really enjoy the creativity and freedom to express myself that comes with the job, as well as helping ladies look their best and seeing their happiness when I’m done,” Vaiva told me. “We’re different from the Mac counter and places in shopping malls because we have gained our experience on photo shoots and know both Asian and Caucasian skin. We don’t just put make up on a face but really care about our customers’ long-term satisfaction.”

The funky-fresh black and white themed beauty parlour specialises in event makeup, day makeup, evening makeup and even corporate group sessions for brands that need all their staff to have a certain look. And if you’re really clueless, the team will take you on a shopping spree for new products or advise you on how to work with what you already have in your bag.

The transformation after an hour in Vaiva’s expert hands was staggering, and I walked away with some quick-fix tips on how to make the most of my features in the future. With smoky eyes, highlighted cheekbones and rosebud lips, I even manage to get a double take from my otherwise inattentive boyfriend when sauntering into the cinema. Mission accomplished!

Flawless is located at 4/F Sea Bird House, 22-28 Wyndham Street, Central. Call 2869 5868 or email via their Localiiz profile page to make an appointment.

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