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Spotlight on Spas – All-Off Hair Removal at Nude Beautique

September 10th 2013

As Spotlight on Spas moves seamlessly from hair care to hair removal, Crystal Wilde looks at ways to stay silky smooth and fuzz-free in the city.

As the name suggests, Nude Beautique is one of the Hong Kong’s top spots for uncompromising hair removal services. Coming on the local scene seven years ago as specialists in the almost-unheard-of (in Asia at least) art of Brazilian waxing, this tightknit team of expert therapists now also offers the best in medical grade FDA-approved laser hair removal.

The Nude crew pride themselves on making a chore that no-one truly enjoys as professional, personal and painless as possible by paying close attention to a customer’s hair and skin type, whether they opt for the strawberry-scented, no-strip Aussie hot wax or one of two laser machines.

Without going into too many grizzly details, I can tell you that the hot wax grips the hair and peels off smoothly on its own without the need for the usual strips that pull against the skin and cause unnecessary pain and suffering. The Nude ladies were also careful to position me correctly and check the direction of hair growth so the whole root was plucked out without damaging the skin and triggering those beastly in-growing hairs.

I’m somewhat of an old-fashioned girl at heart, and to be honest all this laser stuff is a bit too space-age for me. Those looking for the more permanent solution to hair removal however will also be in safe hands at Nude.

The Cryogenic pre-treatment cooling system effectively numbs skin against the so-described “rubber band-twang” feeling of the laser, and unlike many spas, Nude’s two laser systems – one of which uses combined laser and radio frequency technology – can zap even lighter Western hair and be safely used on dark skin.

Senior laser therapist Pauline explained, “We’re seeing more and more people coming in for laser therapy now as, although it’s more expensive in the short term, it saves the time and hassle of returning ever month for waxing, and in the end it’s more cost-effective. We specialise in Brazilian laser treatment, but we’re even getting a lot of guys in now with in-growing hair infections from shaving their beards. As long as it’s done safely, it makes a lot of sense to go laser.”

Nude Beautique has outlets at 2-6 Wellington Street and 68 Wellington Street, Central. Call 2868 9100 or email via their Localiiz profile page to book an appointment.

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