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Showcase: 10 Gorgeous Lights for Your Home

We love arty home decor, and we love a great bargain, so without further ado, we bring you the coolest, quirkiest, and most stylish lights available to buy for your Hong Kong home. Whether you’re a fan of the modern, industrial look, or prefer more dainty, feminine pieces, there’s plenty here to turn you on (sorry, couldn’t resist). And the best part is, most of them are on sale!

1. Sputnick Chandelier Style Pendant Lamp

We’re loving this futuristic, sci-fi inspired masterpiece from Stockroom, and it just so happens to be on sale for a huge discount. The perfect ingredient to spice up your living room with that modern and industrial feeling, the Sputnik Chandelier Style Pendant Lamp transmits an explosive feeling of energy in motion, reaching towards you from its cast iron centre.

Where: Stockroom
How much: $3,790 (original price $8,980)
Size: L – 69cm, D – 102cm

2. Jaco Pendent Lamp

Let it all hang loose with the funky, striking Jaco Pendant Lamp. Available in six different colours (white, blue, black, red, green, and grey) this beauty features a loft style design with retro feeling and provides the perfect lighting for any style interior living room. We love the contrasting colours too.

Where: Stockroom
How much:
$1,490 (original price $2,890)
Size: H – 21cm, D – 25cm OR H – 30cm, D – 31cm (for an additional $500)

3. Lavan Garden Plant Pendant Lamp 

Nature lovers will no doubt adore this gorgeous white Lavan Garden Plant Pendant Lamp which allows you to bring a luscious green garden into your home. Designed with simplicity and creativity in mind, this gorgeous steel fixture is designed as a tray on which you can add your own floral and fauna to bring nature’s freshness to your home.

Where: Stockroom
How much: $1,250 (original price $3,280)
Size: H – 19cm, D – 40cm, Length of cord max – 1.8m (adjustable)

4. Cage Style Pendant Lamp

Continuing the natural theme, but in a more subtle way, the elegant wooden Cage Style Pendant Lamp evokes a lovely sense of being in the great outdoors. It makes a fabulous focal point overhead, and comes in a palette of three great colors (yellow, white, or black) to not only illuminate interiors, but to highlight the style. The ideal curvy asset to your cosy little home.

Where: Stockroom
How much: $950 (original price $1,799)
Size: H – 50cm, D – 38cm

5. Wooden Artichoke Style Pendant Lamp

Lights don’t come much quirkier than this. Available in four different sizes (ranging from 25cm to 40cm in diameter), the delicious design of the Wooden Artichoke Style Pendant Lamp mimics the shape of a pine cone and creates a soft and inviting glow. Originally designed by Pavel Eekra, the unique pattern of overlapping natural ash wood leaves makes it a beautiful piece for a contemporary living room. With its gorgeous earthy design and soft, warm glow, you’ll feel like you’re relaxing in the open forest.

Where: Stockroom
How much:
$1,160 (original price $2,190)
Size: D – 25cm

6. Venus Floor

Is it a space suit? Is it a fishbowl? No, ever better, it’s a wacky floor lamp that’s sure to be a talking point when you have your friends over. Standing at a modest 60cm, the Venus Floor is striking without being overpowering, adding a element of quirkiness to your humble abode. And at just $788, it’s an absolute steel (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

Where: EMOH
How much:
$788 (original price $1,125)
Size: H – 60cm, D – 25cm

7. The Triangle

Go geometric with this stunning wooden fixture, available in oak or walnut and in three different sizes – small, medium, or large. Perfect for technical types who have a soft spot for abstract design, The Triangle is simple yet chic and a great addition to any room in your home – especially the study.

Where: EMOH
How much:
Size: Small – D 30xm, Medium – D 35cm, Large – D 42cm 

8. Japanese Style Light

If a splash of vibrant colour is what you’re after, then these beautiful Japanese Style Lights are sure to do the trick. Choose from red, yellow, green, orange, and black, or create your own rainbow at home and buy all five. At only $250 a pop (if you buy five or more) it’s certainly very tempting.

Where: EMOH
How much:
Size: Length of wooden fixture – 10cm, width of bulb – 8cm

9. Vintage Lamp

We love those ingenious light bulb moments when you get a brilliant idea and run with it, and this Vintage Lamp is certainly one of them. Conjuring thoughts of Thomas Edison engineering his greatest creation in his 19th Century lab, this delightful table light is an adorable asset to any fun-loving home. Gorgeous natural oak and a soft golden glow make this a winner in our book – and we’re pretty sure Edison would love it too.

Where: EMOH
How much:
Size: W – 20cm, H – 10cm, W – 60cm

10. Diamond in Diamond

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend – so give the special lady in your life something to smile about and light up her life with this dazzling number. The Diamond in Diamond is elegance at its finest, and a surefire way to bring a touch of glamour to your cosy home. Available in black or white, it also comes in two sizes – small or large – but of course when it comes to diamonds, the bigger the better!

Where: EMOH
How much:
$585 (original price $688)
Size: Small – D 35cm, Large – D 45cm

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