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Localiiz Recommends SES Hong Kong 2012

Google’s Digital Marketing Evangelist opens SES Hong Kong

Avinash Kaushik, Google’s Global Digital Marketing Evangelist, will open the 3rd annual SES Hong Kong event on 10-12 September 2012 with a 70-minute keynote address.

Through his blog, Occam’s Razor, and his best-selling books,Web Analytics: An Hour a Day and Web Analytics 2.0, Avinash has become recognized as an authoritative voice on how marketers, executive teams, and industry leaders like Unilever, Dell, Time Warner, Vanguard, Porsche, and IBM can leverage data to fundamentally reinvent their digital existence.

“Information is powerful. But it is how we use it that will define us.”
One of Avinash’s favorite quotes

Avinash provides common-sense to the often frenetic world of web analytics and combines that with the philosophy that investing in talented analysts is the key to long-term success.

Besides his keynote address, he dazzled SES Shanghai attendees in April this year by surprising everyone with impromptu appearances in other panels and openly offering his advice to our delegates throughout the 2-day conference. Testimonials from delegates included:

“It was great to finally hear Avinash speak in China!”
Florian Pihs Senior Planning Director Strategy, Innovation & Optimization, SapientNitro

“The event was even better than last year, with Avinash Kaushik its biggest star. Also quite a deep SEO coverage by Bill Hunt and Mike Grehan.”
Dmitry Golovanov, Search Engine Marketing Specialist, Searchbox Oy

Most recently, Avinash has been one of the star speakers at SES San Francisco, SES New York and SES Toronto. Take a look at a recent interview on how digital marketers can maximize economic value.

During his keynote presentation at SES Hong Kong on 11 September, Avinash will provide insights on balancing multiple media channels, leveraging key metrics, driving economic value and leveraging the clear line-of-sight model to ensure marketers are optimizing across search, social, video and display.

SES Hong Kong is an educational event for today’s experienced marketing and advertising professionals, and its main focus is to share practical insights on SEO & SEM, integrated marketing, social media, mobile, analytics and the latest trends within the digital marketing space.

If you are a senior Asia-based marketer and would like to join SES Hong Kong to meet Avinash Kaushik and 300+ industry experts and peers, please contact the SES team on +852 3411 4844 or at contact@seshk.com.hk .

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