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Restaurant Review: Moonshine & The Po’Boys

Christy Ma

By: thisgirlabroad


If you fancy adding a spicy Southern flare to your dining experience and perhaps a dash of live jazz and blues (if you get your timing right), then Moonshine & The Po’Boys is right up your alley. Lifestyle blogger and avid foodie thisgirlabroad gives us the low down on Wan Chai’s sizzling hot hangout.

The Venue


Situated in the buzz-worthy Star Street Precinct in Wan Chai, you’ll find Moonshine & The Po’Boys down a little alleyway, making it seem exclusive, yet in actuality the restaurant is very inviting. Though fairly small inside, a Southern vintage vibe exudes itself the moment you step through the door. There’s lots to take in when you look around: the open kitchen, a raised alcove at the back where musicians take to the stage, the large bar at the front, and some quirky paraphernalia from the South hanging around (look out for the alligator head brought in from New Orleans!)

The Food

The magic of Moonshine & The Po’Boys’ cocktails becomes apparent the second you lay eyes on your drink: it’s not even the ingredients that had us hooked, it’s the thought behind each cocktail’s unique presentation. With unanimous agreement, Blush ($125) was our favourite cocktail of the night. We loved the combination of vodka, caramelised apple (which we could have honestly eaten a dozen of), fresh strawberry, and lemon.

Blush Cocktail
Blush Cocktail

The Peanut Butter & Popcorn Milkshake ($135) was also a showstopper. A combination of Makers Mark Bourbon, caramel sauce, vanilla ice cream, peanut butter chunks, and popcorn make this adult-only drink. Though we did enjoy the milkshake, we felt that the bourbon was a touch overpowering, making it difficult to finish.

Peanut Butter & Popcorn Milkshake
Peanut Butter & Popcorn Milkshake

We each began with the Dirty Rice Jambalaya ($68) and a spoonful of shrimp gumbo on top. Be sure to eat the shrimp along with the rice, as the rice alone is quite salty. The jambalaya was decent, but it didn’t really stand out among the other dishes we tried.

Dirty Rice Jambala

We all wanted to share the Swamp Gator Nuggets ($120) since none of us had ever tried alligator or crocodile before. We were slightly worried that the gator nuggets would not be entirely pleasant to eat, but they were similar in taste to chicken. The three different sauces on the plate also helped to give the nuggets a blast of flavour.

Swamp Gator Nuggets

The Bayou Bucket ($1,480 – serves 8) was overflowing with Alaskan king crab legs, tiger prawns, mussels, clams, andouille sausage, potatoes, and corn on the cob. Albeit a bit messy to eat (not something you would particularly want to order on a first date), the seafood boil was – literally – finger-licking good!

Bayou Bucket (serves 8)

Up next were some of the classic main dishes Moonshine & The Po’Boys serves up. We couldn’t resist ordering the Fried Whole Chicken ($180) with crunchy coleslaw and cranberry apple sauce. While we gave the presentation a thumbs up, the meat itself was a tad dry.

Fried Whole Chicken

On the other hand, the Iberico Baby Back Ribs ($250) were divine – the meat was incredibly tender after being drenched in their signature Jack Daniel and peach BBQ sauce and the truffle fries were the icing on the cake.

Iberico Baby Back Ribs

It was love at first sight the second the Bone-In Galician Mini Tomahawk ($680) was put down on our table. Everything about this dish was fantastic – the bourbon jus was a great flavour-enhancer and the cheesy mashed potatoes were nice and fluffy, not to mention the steak was cooked to a perfect medium/rare.

Bone-In Galician Mini Tomahawk
Bone-In Galician Mini Tomahawk

Despite being completely full, we still had a sliver of room left for dessert. We settled on the American Crumble ($80), a slight twist on the classic apple crumble with raspberry, granola, salted bourbon caramel, and a dollop of ice cream on top. I kid you not when I say this might have been my all-time favourite apple crumble and is an absolute must-try. Our over-indulgent selves couldn’t resist the Ebony & Ivory ($80) – a chocolate brownie skillet with cherries, bacon bits, and peanut butter sauce. The brownie was soft and delicious, but could use a stronger peanut butter sauce.

American Crumble and Ebony & Ivory

The Verdict

Moonshine & The Po’Boys has a great vintage vibe paired with all-round wholesome Southern comfort. It’s the perfect spot for a casual cocktail, a shot of moonshine or bourbon, a quick bite to eat while listening to live music, or for an indulgently delicious meal. Regardless of your reason for going, a great time is guaranteed.

Moonshine & The Po’Boys, 4 Sun Street, Wanchai, (+852) 2776 2668

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