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Who Would You Take on a Junk Boat Party?

By Julie Magno 6 May 2016
A month ago, we launched our April SuperPrize Competition and asked our readers, "Who would you take on a fully Shamrock catered Saffron Cruises junk trip?" Well, we were flooded with entries and spent an entire afternoon sifting through nearly 1,000 responses to pick our favourite - a tough decision believe us! Not only did some of your answers take us on an emotional roller coaster, but we also gained a lot of insight into the minds of our readers, such as ...

How you really feel about Donald Trump ...

WINNER: "Donald Trump. I reckon we can make it look like an accident." Congratulations again for winning Zoe!

"Donald Trump. I'd love to unveil what would happen to his hair in the Hong Kong humidity and the effect his hair product would have on the South China Sea. It would not only be entertaining but a magnificent science experiment too." Well, we're all for education!

"Donald Trump. Plenty of hot air to keep the junk moving if the engine breaks down." Ingenious

How selflessly you love others ...

"I would take my mate John because he is a miserable shit and would never spend money on a junk trip." Who said bromance was dead?

"My team at Grana. There are so many personalities and they're all such fun people. They're more than just colleagues, I wouldn't mind being on a boat in the middle of the ocean with them for hours!" Awwwww

"My girlfriend. We are in a long distance relationship for a year and half now and I haven't seen her since last August. I miss her and she would make up for 20 other people." Top BF points

That you do believe in miracles ...

"I would take Jesus. He's the ultimate party animal. Great at water sports. unlimited booze and fish for the grill. Plus, great stories!" Amen

"Jesus, Buddha, and Mohammed. See who can handle the hottest hot wings." Pretty sure at least one is a vegetarian?

"Jesus. I hear he has a pretty nifty way of making more wine when we run out. And knowing my friends, that's likely to happen." Good idea, there's no 7-Eleven at sea

How vivid your imaginations are ...

"Brad Pitt or David Beckham because once out of the harbour, I could throw the engine keys overboard and we'd be stuck out at sea! My idea of heaven :)" Run, Brad, RUN!

"I'd bring back the Roman emperor Caligula for a night on the seas. The Romans perfected indulging and Caligula was known for his wild parties. He loved food, drinks, and friends – isn't that what a junk is all about? But I'd stay on his good side. I mean, a guy who keeps flamingoes, peacocks, black grouse, guinea-hens, and pheasants at his temple knows how to throw a good junk party. The downside would be, if you pissed him off, he might kill you; but you know, YOLO." It's probably worth the risk

"Genghis Khan. A man with that many descendants must have some awesome sex stories. I'd collect them and turn them into a book titled Khan You Feel It?" Well, it's got to be better than 50 Shades of Grey!

Among all the answers were plenty of mentions of Barack, CY Leung, Prince, Gordon Ramsey, Morgan Freeman, Vanilla Ice, MJ, and David Hasselhoff. And about 30 percent of you think it would be fun to party on a junk with your granny. Really?
Thanks again to everyone who took the time (and wit) to enter our competition! You certainly made our day! Keep your eyes peeled for our May SuperPrize, coming soon!

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