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When It Rains, It Pours - Brilliantly Moody Photographs of A Rainy Day in Hong Kong

By Localiiz 25 July 2014
July 25th 2014 With the torrential downpours brought to Hong Kong this summer from nearby typhoons and the like, we Hong Kongers are pretty used to the risk of getting our feet a little wet. But - Hong Kong's photographers are not - their cameras are way too precious! There are a few out there though, that are brave enough to venture out into the damp outdoors. Protecting himself and his camera, Yanyu Lung, a local Hong Kong Graphic Designer and hobbyist photographer, still sought out to capture the beauty of our city in the rain in his 'One Rainy Day' series. Roaming the streets in Wan Chai on a wet day, he decided to get on a tram and get snapping. "I find it interesting that we seldom can take photos of the rainy outdoor (maybe because cameras were seldom water proof), but that day I could capture all the rainy scenes in the city, sheltered in the tram", Lung tells Localiiz. Here is a selection of photographs for 'One Rainy Day'. Click through to see them all!
Next   Choosing to photograph in black and white, Lung belives that without colour, the texture and mood of his photographs would be more distinct. Capturing fine details such as the effect of the rain falling and blurred windows from the droplets, along with the shiny and damp nature that is left on the streets during a downpour, Lung's artistic decision was a definite plus. He assures us that his camera was fine after his rainy day adventure, but believes that it will be more interesting if he used a waterproof camera next time. Lets hope he does - those photographs would be fantastic! Got anything awesome you'd like Localiiz to share? Send Us Your Stuff!

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