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What’s Taboo to You?

By Localiiz 29 November 2013
November 29th 2013 courtesy of our friends at NecesCity Looking for a red hot show to keep you warm over the festive season? The boys over at our brother site NecesCity recommend Taboo. We can’t imagine why! What we considered to be taboo – so defined in the dictionary as “proscribed by society as improper or unacceptable” – changes with the passing of time. Many things that society now hardly blinks an eye at (inter-racial marriage, homosexuality, hipster fashion) we have learnt to accept only after having questioned, experienced and evolved our attitudes. Even as individuals, we only learn after we invite experience into our existence; it’s as if we sometimes need to touch the hot plate if only to discover we don’t like being burnt. Taboo, an erotic, sensual and captivating stage show that explores the depths of human desire, is back at the City of Dreams and promises to be saucier than ever. If you’re looking for something to do in Macau, other than gamble, or if you’re interested in a show that’s as close to foreplay as you’ll get in a room full of strangers, let Taboo be your secret little sin this festival season. Conceptualised by House of Dancing Waters creator Franco Dragone, Taboo sees sensational choreography and visual effects set to music, with a bit of acrobatic striptease thrown in for good measure. The ancient Romans would be proud! Subscribe to the savvy and sophisticated world of NecesCity.

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