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Want a Killer Smile? Let Smile Center Help!

By Promotions 7 February 2017
"People seldom notice old clothes if you wear a big smile" - Lee Mildon Making a stellar first impression in any social setting - business or personal - is absolute key to success in Hong Kong. Whether you're reconnecting with family and friends at holiday gatherings, shaking hands at networking events, trying to recapture your youth, or hoping to land a first date, nothing wins the game of charm and persuasion quite like a dazzlingly white smile. However, thanks to the wine, coffee, and tobacco habits enjoyed by some of us, our pearly whites tend to need a little help from the cosmetic whitening experts over at Smile Center. Here's what you might be thinking about whitening your teeth: it takes loads of time to see results and it involves the application of damaging chemicals which strip enamel, rendering your teeth sensitive and your gums pain filled. Plus, it requires sitting in a cold, uncomfortable dentist chair. All of which equal up to a whole lot of "Nope, nope, and don't think so". Smile Center teeth whitening hong kongFortunately, Smile Center offers cosmetic teeth whitening treatments that are quick, easy, and 100% pain and peroxide free. Miles away from the bland dentist chair, Smile Center provides a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Clients sit back in a plush egg chair while a whitening specialist applies the peroxide free whitening gel. An LED lamp with a blue cold light that acts as a safe and FDA-approved accelerator is placed on your teeth, while you wear protective glasses. There are no side effects like tooth sensitivity or sore gums, and the process does not erode enamel. Plus, it's super speedy - you'll see whiter teeth in less than an hour! Customers can expect between 2 to 10 shades whiter, for up to a 3-month period, depending on the amount of prior exposure to staining substances like, tobacco, wine, and soy sauce. [su_note note_color="#eeeeee"]

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