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Voices of Occupy: Benny Mok

By brian_adams 11 October 2014

In this series, Localiiz speaks with individuals involved with and affected by the Occupy demonstrations.

Benny Mok, a 51 year-old diabetic, has a history of fainting if he skips a meal. As of Saturday, he hasn’t eaten for 10 days. Slouched on a stool on the edge of the newly designated “Umbrella Square” in Admiralty, Mok is surrounded by water bottles, his only sustenance along with medication. A sign in blue and red ink hangs from his neck, dangles between his knees, just above his fluorescent green Crocs, telling his fellow Occupy Central demonstrators and curious onlookers that his hunger strike is now in its tenth day. “I feel hungry, I feel dizzy, I feel weightless, I can’t speak loud, but I can still think and have good logic.” Mok, a Health and Safety Auditor, says his hunger strike is symbolic. He wants others to understand that Hong Kong must go through a process, a cleansing, before it can have democracy. “There are lots of conflicts in the community. There is a blockage of a corridor to reach people’s hearts. Our aim is to reach their hearts before we can reach democracy.” Enduring starvation, Mok already knows unexpected results can come from a perilous journey. “My stomach is empty but spiritually I am full.”   Got anything you'd like Localiiz to share? Send us your stuff!

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