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Virtual Reporting Gives Occupy Movement a New Look

By Brian Adams 26 January 2015
A video on Hong Kong’s pro-democracy demonstrations is bringing new meaning to showing all sides of an issue. The eight-minute film, Hong Kong Unrest, shows a dizzying 360-degree view of the demonstrations, allowing viewers to interact with the short film either by using virtual reality headsets (right) or by clicking and dragging their mouse on their desktop. _MG_1506-EditThe film was recently launched by the minds behind, an app for presenting news in 360-degree video and virtual reality. The app’s creators are touting this visual representation of world events as the future of reporting. “Hong Kong Unrest shows that news in 360-degree video can and does encourage an emotional, empathetic connection between viewers and what they are watching,” says Louis Jebb, founder of Immersivly Ltd. Edward Miller, the man who filmed and edited the video, says that coverage of Occupy was lacking. “While editing the footage, I began to spot details from the elevated perspective that might have been missed using traditional single-aspect video journalism. This sense of discovery is one of the special things about news in 360 degrees and is something which we at are keen to explore in future releases.” You can watch and interact with the video here. We found the video worked best using the Google Chrome browser rather than Firefox. (You can also scroll through photos from the report below.) What do you think? Is this the future or reporting or the best way to get a headache?   [masterslider id=28]

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