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VIDEO: Concrete Jungle

By Localiiz 28 August 2015
You could easily forget about Hong Kong's lush, green forests, tranquil fishing villages, and sandy beaches after watching this moody new video from talented 23-year-old SCAD student Solomon Wong. Inspired by the work of legendary German photographer Michael Wolf and his famous Hong Hong series Architecture of Density, the visual effects student set off with his Canon C100 and 5D to capture the compact living environment in our city's concrete jungle. Set to a foreboding score, which mixes classical music with tribal drums, the video certainly creates the sense of urban chaos in our hectic city. "I was raised in Hong Kong and I saw the series of photos made by Michael Wolf about the dense architecture in Hong Kong," Wong tells us. "I have a deep feeling about how crowded the city has become these days, which is why I decided to make this video." Anyone feeling a bit claustrophobic? Maybe it's time to hit the beach!
Read more! Check out our interview with award-winning photographer Michael Wolf and find out why he thinks Hong Kong is the best city in the world to photograph.

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