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VIDEO: A Room with a View

By Localiiz 8 April 2015
Some days are meant for being lazy and just looking out the window. That's exactly what local videographer Gabriel Fung did recently when he shot this short film, Rear Window. Unlike the Hitchcockian thriller, Fung doesn't solve a murder, instead we are treated to a more stripped down, peaceful view of our city. No timelapses here! Fung says he shot and edited this video in one afternoon "out of boredom" but had fun in the process. "My video was shot in Fanling on the first day of Easter holiday. It was a cloudy afternoon. I was relaxing in an apartment and heard birds singing outside. I looked out the window and saw them flying around, chasing each other. The clouds were moving fast and quite close to the ground. It was beautiful and I spent a hour capturing this moment – a moment most Hong Kong people would probably miss because we are all so busy doing things, even on holiday. "As Ferris Bueller would've said: 'Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.'"

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