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Valentine's Day: Drones, Price Spikes, Multiple Girlfriends, Tuxedos, and of Course – Uber

By Brian Adams 6 February 2015
This is an article about one thing – flowers. A simple token, given as a gift to demonstrate one person's love for another. Pretty straightforward, right? Well not in Hong Kong. When we saw this video, we had to know: is flower delivery by drone really a thing? The short answer: no. The video was created by Gift Flowers as a test to see if this novelty could work. Alas, the proper paperwork for aerial delivery over Hong Kong could not be secured in time by the florists. However, if you don't mind your significant other receiving his or her petals by land, Gift Flowers offers free delivery, plus they'll show up in a tuxedo. Sorted? Not quite. Did you know that flower prices increase around Valentine's Day? According to Gift Flowers that means some prices quadrupling after February 11th. That has yet to discourage orders though, our flower insider says he expects Gift Flowers to make a delivery every 90 seconds on the big day. Which brings us to another point. Just how many deliveries might one person require? One Gift Flowers customer has five girlfriends, a record for the shop. But if you're single, don't worry, our petal pusher tells us that a rising trend is women having flowers delivered to themselves on Friday the 13th to ensure the office sees just how loved they are by their mystery men. And a holiday wouldn't be complete without an Uber special, so here it is. Order your flowers through Gift Flowers and you'll receive a $300 Uber voucher (only valid for first time riders). This may be popular says our loose lipped floral expert, since many guys supposedly don't like carrying flowers in public. Of course, you could always pick up some flowers yourself, my favourite is a little flower stand in Wan Chai, and hand deliver them yourself, without any incentive other than making that special someone crack a smile.                      

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