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Ultimate Fulfilment: How Tantra is About So Much More Than Sex

By Localiiz 6 June 2014
June 6th 2014 When you mention the word ‘Tantra’ to most people, their minds instantly wonder towards to the gutter. But this ancient Indian meditation style is about much more than just fulfilment between the sheets. We call on our friends at Causeway Bay’s Kadampa Meditation Centre to explain the ins and outs of one of Buddha’s most commonly misinterpreted teachings. Want some happiness? Who doesn’t? Buddha said that the quest for happiness drives everything we do. Be that as it may, ordinary happiness is unfortunately short-lived. Even the most pleasurable experiences arise and soon pass. If you don’t believe it, think about a happy moment: For example, eating a delicious ice cream or sipping your favourite cocktail. You either get so hooked that you keep stuffing yourself until you fall sick, or you get so bored with it that it becomes a turn-off. The equation is simple enough: worldly pleasure increases attachment, and attachment increases dissatisfaction. The solution is enlightenment, the highest of all possible human goals. It’s the ultimate state of peace of mind in which all obstacles obscuring lasting happiness have been removed, and all good qualities, such as wisdom and compassion, have been fully developed and spontaneously become our nature. For example, instead of getting angry when displeased, we immediately experience patience. Or instead of feeling jealous at our rival’s success, we immediately rejoice for that person. However, we cannot reach this ultimate goal by merely waiting for it to happen; we need to work at it by using an appropriate method to take us there. Tantra is such a method. Although Tantra is very popular, it is often misused and misunderstood. Pure Tantra taught by Buddha is the supreme quick path to full enlightenment. The correct practice destroys attachment and reveals the true nature of things (emptiness), transforming such attachment into a mind of great bliss (wisdom). So it’s not really about sex at all, but it certainly got you to sit up and pay attention didn’t it?

To learn more about the real meaning of Tantra, how to practice it and the quickest path to the supreme inner peace of enlightenment, join Kadampa for a dedicated weekend course on June 20th-22th. Click here for more information and to sign up.

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