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Try Try Eat: App Concept to Take You from Noobie to Foodie

By Stasia Fong 19 January 2015

Imagine standing anywhere in Hong Kong and your phone tells you the nearest restaurant serving traditional Cantonese style delicacies. That’s the concept behind Try Try Eat, an app being developed by a group of Master’s Interaction Design Students at PolyU. Aimed at tourists, the mobile app aims to enable tourists to find top local restaurants.“Based on our research, many tourists from the Mainland and other countries feel that it’s hard to find the real traditional food stalls inside the city. We want to lead them to the Dai Pai Dong’s and other local establishments,” Kesaven Palanisamy, one of the creative minds behind the concept, tells Localiiz.The team behind Try Try Eat understands the difficulties outsiders face when looking for local cuisine. Palanisamy hails from Sri Lanka and his colleagues Liao Rui Zhi, Huang Xinran, and Zheng Ruofei are all from Mainland China.Since the app is aimed at Hong Kong’s visitors, the team is designing its functionality to include public transportation hubs and popular destinations around the city. “It will connect with 3D posters kept in different places like the MTR, malls, etc. and provide information on where the closest local restaurant is,” Palanisamy explains.Leading you to the treasure trove of mouth-watering foods is not the app’s only purpose. Palanisamy and the Try Try Eat team want tourists to bring their newfound love for local foods back to their home countries.“Once you eat at the local restaurant, you get an augmented reality postcard to connect with the mobile app so that you can do some virtual cooking. We thought it would help the tourist to learn how to cook, making the app interactive, fun, and provide something for tourists to share with their friends after their trip,” Palanisamy says.Want to see this App made? Reach out to Palanisamy and his team on his Behance page and make their concept a reality!

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Born in Singapore and raised in Hong Kong, Stasia Fong is a freelance writer with dreams of breaking into the television industry and executive produce her own television show.