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Tried and Tested – Get a Beach-Beautiful Body with HYPOXI

By crystal_wilde 19 June 2013
Those who have been following the Localiiz Fat Burner’s Diary and accompanying videos will know that we’re big believers in HYPOXI, the training regime scientifically proven to reduce fat and cellulite through a programme of light training in high and low pressure environments. Our in-house guinea pig Laura lost almost 4kg and a whopping 25.5cms from her body in just four weeks, and she couldn’t be happier with the results. When looking at the before and after pictures, it’s hard to believe that Laura made such incredible progress so quickly. However according to HYPOXI Body Buddy Christine Fong, her results were quite typical. “Laura has done very well, but she's within the range we’re used to seeing results-wise,” Christine said after Laura’s final weigh in last week. “She did her part by following the nutritional guidelines and we did our part by targeting the weight loss to her problem areas. I can really see the difference in her stomach, where she’s lost 6cm after only 12 sessions. Given another 12 sessions it would be even more noticeable. I don’t think she’d look this good after just 12 sessions at the gym!” Hong Kongers wanting to follow in Laura’s lighter footsteps now have double the opportunity after HYPOXI opened their second studio in Tsim Sha Tsui earlier this month following the success of the first Central location. With super slender celebrity advocates such as Madonna and Cheryl Cole, there’s no doubt that you can get bikini/board shorts ready and be the belle of the beach in no time. The new studio boasts the full range and breadth of HYPOXI machines. The horizontal L250 cycling trainer and the upright S120 cycling trainer blast fat from the legs and buttocks, while the Vacunaut treadmill trainer, great for men looking for that perfect six-pack, targets excess weight around the stomach. All machines use alternating high and low pressure environments to increase blood circulation to problem areas, upping the effectiveness of training. However, getting bikini ready isn’t all about shedding the pounds, as we all know that cellulite can even plague the slim. As there’s bound to be a lot of skin on show this summer, make sure yours is free from the dreaded orange peel texture by getting acquainted with the Hypoxi-Dermology machine. This patented technology combines vacuum cupping and compression massage to eliminate uneven skin tone and signs of aging, and all you have to do is lie back and relax. Proven to be three times more effective than conventional exercise, the HYPOXI programme requires just three 30-minute training sessions a week, paired with a sensible but realistic nutritional plan that includes a small amount of carbs before HYPOXI sessions but no carbs or booze after. On non-HYPOXI days you get a pretty free reign, but light and lean meals are obviously encouraged for faster results. Another great thing about HYPOXI is that all sessions are by appointment, meaning no more waiting in line for machines in the gym.

If you’re ready to meet the healthier and happier you, call 2537 6637, email via the HYPOXI profile page or visit the Body Buddies at either of the two studios.

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