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Get Fit, Stay Fit: Working Out the Healthy Way

By Localiiz 12 February 2014
February 12th 2014 courtesy of our friends at NecesCity It’s the beginning of another New Year in Hong Kong, offering us a second chance to do things right, start afresh, set new goals and reach ever higher targets. That’s right, it’s time to get back to the dreaded fitness routine. But before you start to groan at the prospect of hitting the weights and plodding away on the treadmill, let the boys over at our brother site NecesCity introduce you to their new Hong Kong fitness crush, which might just make all that hard work a little easier on the body. True fitness isn’t just about beating the bulge and building muscle; it’s also about increasing resilience, improving recovery time and avoiding injury. To navigate the complexities of this cycle of energy, it helps to have an expert on hand. Inspired? Get everything you need to start getting fit from these Hong Kong fitness stores Enter the Sport Wellness Centre (SWC), a Mongkok-based team of sports experts who partner with doctors, athletes, sporting organisations and coaches to give concise advice and solutions on fitness wellness. Whether you need to improve your muscle strength and blood circulation, focus on sleep and recovery time, optimise water absorption and toxin expulsion or simply adjust your body posture, these guys will provide you with the vital building blocks needed to perform at your optimal level. Everything at SWC starts with a consultation before the tailoring of a bespoke package to ensure that athletes and gym bunnies of all levels get the support they need, on and off the treadmill or track. Using unique proven technologies and state-of-the-art products from the likes of Nexus, Hi-Tech, Chrystal Trama, EQT and Superfit, and a unique selection of support gear used by the world’s leading professional athletes, SWC will ensure you can start the year strong and, more importantly, make it through to 2015 still standing!

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