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The Wellbeing Bible: How Facing the Past Can Make for a Brighter Future

By crystal_wilde 12 June 2014
Localiiz has always been a big fan of Shakti Healing Circle, an award-winning wellness centre that’s been helping Hong Kongers from all walks of life find some balance since 2007. As we begin a series looking at some of their holistic services in detail, we talk to co-founder Stephen Clasper about why it pays to face problems head-on. Although many may assume that a counsellor/reiki practitioner is a natural born hippie, Stephen Clasper has done his time in the rat race. Previously a lawyer, a banker and a recruiter, it was when he finally retrained as an executive coach that he realised his true calling is helping others. Having set up Shakti seven years ago with his wife Pervin, also a professional-turned-healer, Stephen knows more than most about the stresses that plague the busy minds of Hong Kongers. While relationship problems, grief and depression probably raise their ugly heads in therapy rooms all over the world, Stephen has found that some psychological and emotional ailments seem to thrive particularly well in our city. “A lot of people come in, and although they have lots of friends, they feel alone,” explained Stephen. He adds that the younger generation tend to feel isolated by the arm’s length communication bought on by the proliferation of social media, while older Hong Kongers are more likely to feel suffocated and static, stuck in jobs they hate but feel unable to leave because of money and a lack of motivation to make changes. “Too many people are like the horse at happy valley with the blinkers on. They only see what's right in front of them and what they already know. They're never able to look at themselves, tear the blinkers off and find a way to start seeing things differently.” Not all is lost however, as Stephen insists the solution is very simple – people just need to talk. He says his job is simply to listen, especially to what’s not being said, and pose the questions that are begging to be asked. “At the end of the day, the key ingredient with any coach or counsellor is only to listen and to actually hear,” said Stephen, adding that for those doing the talking, “The minute they face their problems, it's like going into a dark room and turning on the light.” Although Stephen does offer pure counselling/coaching sessions, those experiencing physical niggles can also mix and match with some of his other treatments, such as reiki, cranio sacral, and trigger point therapies. Stephen however describes these additional services as a bandage, as although they can be helpful in the short term, they fail to address the root cause of a problem.

Stephen and Pervin Clasper

  “Often if you deal with the emotions then the physical symptoms can fade away very quickly. The real challenge is taking that first step, trusting someone and feeling comfortable enough to share your deepest, darkest secrets.”

Stephen offers a free 20-minute consultation, and his therapies start at just at HK$880 an hour. For more information, call (+852) 2521-5099 or email via the Shakti Localiiz page.

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