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The Best Places to Run in Hong Kong

By Contributed content 8 August 2016
David Tanner

David Tanner

  Whether for fitness or fun, there are thousands of people who love to run in the city we call home. However, locating new and interesting areas to go without having to do extensive research can prove to be a chore. Lucky for us, a brand new website, HK Running, has done all the ground work for us. We catch up with the site's creator, David Tanner, to find where he considers the best places to run in Hong Kong. When you think of Hong Kong, running may not be the first thing that comes to mind - well maybe a treadmill in a gym - but the city and streets are only a small slice of what Hong Kong has to offer. The country parks we have in our backyard cover a total area of 44,300 hectares - more nature than you can shake a stick at! On our doorstep we have scenic hills, woodlands, reservoirs, and rugged coastline, which are all easily accessible. In Hong Kong we really do have it all. With this in mind, we have run and mapped over 650km of the best running routes in Hong Kong, covering road, trail, and athletic track locations. You’ll find all the classics - as well as the hidden gems you didn’t know about, and some useful information to improve your running experience. We have hand picked (and run) all these routes to make sure they are worthy, and given them creative names to bring some adventure and fun back into your run. It may seem like a lot, but we have only just scratched the surface of what’s out there. To set you on the right track, here are our favorite routes to run, whether you’re a seasoned athlete (a 'Runner') or you are just getting started (a ‘Beginner’). Simply click on the route that takes your fancy for maps, tips, and more. Happy running Hong Kong!

For Beginners

Road Runs

From the top of The Peak down to the Hong Kong waterfront, and bouncing over to Kowloon, these gentle road runs provide fantastic views of our city from every angle.

Pacing Prefontaine - 2.9km

Pacing prefontaine (new)

A popular short route for road runners with nice views of Hong Kong and Kowloon as you run along the Hong Kong waterfront past the ferry piers. Click here to find out more.

Gucci Dog - 3.4km

Gucci Dog A suburban run with some of the best views of Hong Kong as you run around The Peak along Lugard Road. Make sure you go on a clear day or night. Clockwise or anti-clockwise, both are great! Find out more here.

Star Struck - 7.7km

Star Struck A classic run that will take you along Kowloon waterfront. Starting from the famous clock tower, the route takes you to Hung Hom and back, enjoying fantastic views of the Hong Kong city and skyline. Click here to find out more.


Trail Runs

From sweeping reservoirs to tropical trails, these trail runs are sure to reconnect you with the great outdoors in Hong Kong.

She’s Just Playin' - 4.5km

shes playin

This route lies in Aberdeen Country Park. It’s a great place to start trail running and see what it’s like. Start from Wan Chai Gap Playground and run the loop around Aberdeen Upper Reservoir and back to the start. Click here for more details.

Short and Sweet - 6.5km

Short and sweet This route is around 70/30 trail to concrete - a little more undulating but very enjoyable. The trail starts on Nam Fung Road just up from South Island School. Find out more here.

Training Day - 9.4km

Training Day This route lies on Lantau Island. More trail and elevation to enjoy, and a little more technical. Start from Mui Wo and run along Lantau Trail section 12, finishing in Nam Shan. Click here to find out more.

For Runners

Road Runs

Step up the pace and explore the concrete jungle, or take in the stunning southside sea view, with these road runs for more experienced runners.

Quality Street - 4km

Quality street (new)

The stomping ground for many HK Runners. A nice flat route with great views of the city as you run by - 8km out and back on Bowen Road. Start from the beginning by walking up to Bowen Road from the bottom of the Peak Tram. Find out more here.

The Top Down Approach - 5km

The Top Down Approach

It’s all down hill as you descend 270m along quiet back roads starting from The Peak running down Barker Road, and into the city. Click here for more details.

Shark Bait and Room with a View

Room With a View - South Bay run Combine these two routes for the ultimate sea view run. Start from Repulse Bay. Both runs together are 6.7km. The south side of the island is the place to be if you like running and great views. Check out the Shark Bait and Room with a View routes.


Trail Runs

Country parks, twin peaks, and rolling hills await on these scenic trail runs across Hong Kong Island and the New Territories.

The Shadow - 8.25km

The shadow - Above Repulse

The run takes you through Tai Tam Country Park. Start from Wan Chai Gap Playground, and run along Blacks Link, finishing in Repulse Bay. Find out more here.

Crossing the Kong - 14.5km

crossing the Kong A tough route, as you literally cross Hong Kong from South to North. Starting at Chung Hom Kok beach, over The Twins and Violet Hill, then toward and finishing in Quarry bay. Find out more here.

Rocket Man - 16.7km

Rocket Man - Kei ling ha to shatin pass An amazing run with lots of elevation and great views. From Kei Ling Ha in Sai Kung follow the Maclehose Trail, finishing in Sha Tin Pass. Click here to find out more.

A Note About Tracks

Tracks are great, but be warned that they can be tough if you get bored easily! Mainly used for training, there are a good selection of athletic tracks available for use in each district. Remember to check out track maintenance schedules and opening hours on our website (link available on each track page) if you are planning a visit to one of these. Find out more! Check out HK Running to find all the information you need, such as route maps, safety tips, learning videos, and a dedicated forum for run lovers.
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