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Ten Reasons to Try Something Fresh

By Localiiz 18 September 2013
September 19th 2013 Welcome to the first of our guest posts from Green Queen, the one-woman crusade bringing the local green universe to the fingertips of eco-conscious Hong Kongers. Keeping it short, sweet and sustainable, Sonalie Figueiras gives us ten reasons to love mutual-favourite healthy takeaway gurus Something Fresh. Something Fresh is a takeaway with a difference. Forget greasy pizzas and oily curry shoveled down in front of the TV, and think fresh, fully prepped vegan ingredients and sauces for a DYI quickie meal with the family. Health without the hassle - what’s not to love? Here’s ten more reasons to make Something Fresh your takeaway of choice. 1. The founder and director, Shawn Alwani, was born bred in Hong Kong and started the brand here: support local business! 2. Something Fresh helps make the world better: they are 100% vegetarian. Make it a Meatless Monday every day! 3. Their packaging is green! 100% recycled paper boxes and corn starch-based plastic containers. 4. Their recipes change regularly - every two weeks in fact, so you won't get bored. 5. They offer vegan, low carb and gluten-free options. Yay for those of us on restricted diets! 6. Their promise is real: a delicious, simple to make, fresh dinner cooked in less than 25 minutes (Green Queen's took 15 minutes total). 7. They make all their sauces by hand. No nasties, no nonsense. 8. Their delivery staff is super friendly, and courteous, and efficient. Ok, well that’s really not as relevant, but in Hong Kong it’s rare and very welcome. 9. Their recipes are from all over, with the best of Japan, Mexico, India, Thailand and Spain all on the menu recently. 10. Frankly, it's totally delicious. Green Queen loves!

Bonus: They have a fantastic slogan-"We prep the ingredients, you mix 'em with love, together we make the world taste good!"For more info on Something Fresh or to order a DYI takeaway meal, call 9829 8380 or email via their Localiiz profile page

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