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Talking to an Angel: New Age Spiritual Healing Tried and Tested in Hong Kong

By Localiiz 4 August 2014
August 6th 2014 In the next instalment of our series on the weird and wonderful holistic therapies available at Hong Kong’s Shakti Healing Circle, Crystal Wilde drops in for an angel card reading with Gini Yiu and discovers this new age form of clairvoyant healing is about far more than fortune telling. First developed by US psychologist-turned-spiritual-healer Doreen Virtue in 1996, Angel Therapy® is described as a non-denominational spiritual healing method, whereby the practitioner receives messages from a person’s guardian angels, usually while undertaking a tarot card reading. Having had a militantly-atheist upbringing and never so much as a palm reading at a carnival, I was naturally incredulous but intrigued by the concept. Gini Yiu, a resident consultant at Central’s Shakti Healing Circle, has been a certified Angel Therapy Practitioner® since 2003, ever since she randomly picked up one of Doreen’s books in a shop. Having studied counselling at Master level, she instantly felt connected and drawn to the more spiritual nature of the practice. “Traditional counselling is a lot more about talk therapy while the client working on his or her problems and difficult situations, whereas Angel Healing and Angel Guidance is about lifting the person’s vibrations to be at peace and looking inside for the answers with the help and support by the angels,” Gini explained. Gini says that she receives messages about her clients in a number of different ways, sometimes through visions or sensations, sometimes through inner voice and ‘claircognizance’- described by Psi Wikia as the ability for a person to acquire psychic knowledge without knowing how – and sometimes simply from what a person verbally or physically tells her. My session with Gini began with me deciding on two issues I wanted to focus on. Typically enough - I imagine - I chose ‘career’ and ‘relationship’, and picked three cards for each, laying them out to be interpreted by Gini. The summarised results are as follows:  


  Alchemy Gini told me I have the Midas touch, meaning everything I touch turns to gold. She told me to have confidence in my abilities. Set Your Sights Higher She told me not to be scared to reach higher and achieve what I might believe is impossible. Contemplation Not to rush. To give myself space to get to know myself - my strengths and weaknesses - and to accept them on the quest for transformation.  


  Learn to Receive Gini sensed that I’m in a very connected and supportive relationship (correct), but reminded me that self-reflection is needed before you can truly allow yourself to be loved. Tranquillity She said my relationship helps me relax, but that I also need time to connect with myself and find energy and comfort from that. Mother Healing Gini told me I would enjoy being a mother and having a family. She said it would help me relate to my femininity, my own mother, and Mother Earth. Many of the interpretations Gini made really resonated, leading me to wonder if I had somehow betrayed my concerns non-verbally before the session started. To my surprise, Gini confirmed that she receives messages, pictures, or feelings about a person straight away, and simply uses the cards as a way to express these visions in relation to a particular theme. She also asks for plenty of feedback during the reading, which she says can give her further information. “If what I say doesn't resonate with someone then it could be that I’ve interpreted the visions in an unacceptable way, or maybe the client is not aware or ready for the message yet. I don’t insist that everything I say must resonate with the person at the moment. I hope that he or she can be empowered by connecting and healing with the angels and knowing that he or she is not alone. When the vibration is raised, one’s energy will be changed, and the dynamics of the situation will then be changed too. The difficult situation(s) that the person has been encountered is a reflection of one’s inner self. When we take a look at our inner self, be aware of what is going on such as our thoughts, our feelings, and our expectations, and so forth. Can I accept of who I am? Can I be aware of my learning from that situation? Of course, we can call upon the angels, higher self, universe/God, ascended masters (choose one or more than one term that you feel comfortable to connect with) and ask for their help and guidance. Each of us not only has our life lessons to learn but also the resources to transform and cope with them. Our purpose is to co-create the abundance and love of life with the Universe.” All in all, I found the reading quite intense and very insightful, and it certainly reassured me that I was on the right path - although I suppose skeptics may say Gini was just telling me what I wanted to hear. So what about the skeptics? While Gini admits she stops short of running into 7/11 and announcing that she can talk to angels, she says she has learnt to expect that the nature of her career will naturally attract a fair amount of cynics. “It's my work and purpose, so I really accept who I am and what I'm doing, and I accept that others will be sceptical,” she said. “I cannot expect ten billion people’s acceptance, but I can accept myself and respect the others who have different backgrounds, experiences, and opinions. Most of the time I would say ‘thank you’, because other’s doubts will help me to learn and grow, and I would send love and blessings to my learning and the people that are involved in the situation.” The session finished with a guided meditation, before Gini presented me with a guardian angel pendant, pieced together using my birth stones and blessed with Gini’s prayers. If I’m completely honest, as a non-believer it was such mentions of prayers and God that I found the most jarring during my experience. When I questioned this, however, Gini explained that although a background in Christianity will help a person feel more connected to her healing, those who do not believe in God can still communicate with the universe, love, or a ‘higher self’. “Angels are celestial beings, the messengers of God. They are here to bring love and peace to people. In order to connect with the angels, you can simply ask for their help. Yes, this is it.” To find out more about Gini and Angel Guidance, visit the Shakti Healing Circle website, call (+852) 2521 5099, or email via their Localiiz page. Got anything cool you'd like Localiiz to share? Send us your stuff!

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