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Support for Hong Kong Video Game Storms Kickstarter

By Brian Adams 14 January 2015
cfdaafa3e16eda517162260d41fc2556_largeGame developers seeking US$100,000 on Kickstarter to create a video game set in Hong Kong eclipsed their fundraising goal in under two hours – and the money keeps piling up. (At the time of this post, funding was just south of US$300,000.) Harebrained Schemes, an independent studio based in the United States, is seeking funding for the third instalment of its Shadowrun series, Shadowrun: Hong Kong. Two years ago when Harebrained launched a US$400,000 Kickstarter campaign for Shadowrun Returns, the game developers raised nearly US$2m. Shadowrun: Hong Kong will be set in a futuristic version of our city, 2056 to be exact, and feature a trademark mix of magic and tech that continues to prove popular with gamers. The backers of the previous campaign even selected Hong Kong as the setting of this Shadowrun and our city is inspiring Harebrained’s developers. 8be05432a0f206d84892262312c66161_large“Hong Kong contains fantastic elements for a new Shadowrun setting: an underworld of triads, tongs, and gangs to navigate, wild magic to harness, and bleeding edge cybertech to equip. Plus, Hong Kong’s culture is steeped in 'guanxi' - a network of influence and relationships based upon a combination of social status, and prestige. All of these elements add up to a great new setting for running the shadows,” Harebrained posted on its Kickstarter page. Hear what the Harebrained team has to say about creating Shadowrun: Hong Kong in the video below.

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