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Seven-Year-Old Students Animate Hong Kong’s Transportation Services

By Contributed content 11 March 2015
In perhaps the cutest videos we have seen yet, seven- and eight-year-old students from Kellett in Kowloon Bay created a series of 24 short films to explain Hong Kong’s transportation services. From taxis and busses to trams and even the Star Ferry, these videos feature original artwork from the students who spent a full day creating the animations and lending their voices to narrate each video. Clive Dawes, ICT Curriculum Leader, Kellett School

Contributed by: Clive Dawes, ICT Curriculum Leader, Kellett SchoolStudents at Kellett School are currently in the middle of an exciting project helping them to enhance their understanding of digital media and film-making. This project was made possible by the generous support of the 2014 Annual Fund. Working closely with Hong Kong based film education organisation, Focus on Film, the school has arranged a Filmmaker in Residence project that will last for six months.

Students from as young as four years of age will have the opportunity to work with film professionals on a wide range of projects, from documentaries, to interpretation of Shakespeare, to travelogues, and animations. The individual projects are designed to be sustainable so that teachers can continue working on similar ideas in the future. Early classes to have accessed the Filmmaker in Residence project have displayed high levels of engagement and enthusiasm and have created some stunning movies. [caption id="attachment_26491" align="alignleft" width="322"]Photo courtesy of Kellett School. Photo courtesy of Kellett School.[/caption] Year 3 classes in the Kowloon Bay campus wanted to show what they had learnt from their recent study of Hong Kong transport. The students, aged 7-8 worked with their teachers and the Filmmaker in Residence project to design and create a backdrop for their work, as well as storyboarding an animation and a script. They then worked as a team to create a short animation. In groups of four, members were assigned roles, including animators and cameramen and worked for around 4-5 hours animating their methods of transport. At 12 frames per second they had to take a lot of images to create even a minute of film (do the maths!). After completing the animation, students then worked with their instructors to edit and polish their films prior to publishing on the web. The project was extremely challenging for students. Not only did they have to display great patience and attention to detail in their work, they also needed to work as a team to ensure the highest standard of production that they could manage. A particular challenges for them was in keeping the backgrounds still in a busy classroom! The completed animations are now live on the web and many people have commented on the charming way in which they convey the student's learning about Hong Kong. The Filmmaker in Residence Project continues at Kellett School until June 2015. Ongoing details can be seen on Instagram.


Star Ferry

The Tram

Bus Routes

To see more, visit the Kellett Filmmaker YouTube channel.

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