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Street Smarts - Photographer Captures Stunning Photographs of Local Hong Kong Street Scenes

By Localiiz 6 June 2014
June 27th 2014 Many of the photographers we've featured on Localiiz have chosen Hong Kong's architecture or nature as their muse. Like a cold beer on a hot day therefore, we found the work of French photographer Emmanuelle Delattre, whose main focus is the everyday street scenes and local people of Hong Kong, truly refreshing. Take a look at 10 of our favourites of Emmanuelle's collection. Click the photos to see them all!
Next   "I try to reveal the beauty of these little moments every day that we do not see because we are too busy with our daily lives," Emmanuelle told Localiiz. "We are becoming more of an individualist society. We don’t take the time to look around us and don’t see the beauty of these people, or of a tiny street, and a signage panel." Emmanuelle chooses to photograph the scenes in black and white, as he says removing colours allows him to highlight other, more important aspects in his photos. There's no denying that they're pretty striking. Maybe it's time to turn Localiiz black and white...?

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