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Armillary Sphere at Hong Kong Astro-Park

By Localiiz 21 May 2014
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Gloom in Bloom: Video Romanticises the Dark Side of Hong Kong May 5th 2014: Dreading the wet and rainy week ahead of us? Here’s a video that might just make you appreciate dark days in Hong Kong. Forget the cliché sunshiny and ‘City of Lights’ films and welcome videographer Maison Carnot’s two-day take of the more realistic side of our city.  

Boxed In: Feeling Small on an Eye-Opening Tour of Hong Kong’s Container Port April 3rd 2014: Despite dropping from the top spot to the world’s third-busiest port in 2004, Hong Kong’s container port - with 8,500 metres of frontage and a total handling capacity of more than 23 million units per year - is still a presence of gargantuan proportions. We join Hong Kong Yachting on a tour of the Kwai Tsing Terminals and the Rambler Channel.  

Don’t Try This At Home – Jaw-Dropping Documentary Showcases Limitless Potential of Free-Running in Hong Kong March 7th 2014: As we rub our eyes in disbelief of the incredible bravery and skill on display in Hong Kong Playground, Localiiz spoke to the young men responsible for our favourite video of the year so far!  

Vertical Vegetation: The French Photographer Bringing us two Unusual Views of Hong Kong March 5th 2014: Romain Jacquet-Lagrèze has already made his mark in the realm of Hong Kong photography. As he releases a new series focussing on the creeping organic takeover of our city, we grabbed a word with him about these two vastly different projects.  

Big Sky: Hong Konger’s Video Showcases the Breath-Taking Beauty of Lantau February 28th 2014: The world often forgets that there is so much more to Hong Kong than concrete and sky rises. In a bid to save the stunning Lantau Island from proposed residential development, a very talented young photographer named Will Cho has created this stunning timelapse video to remind us of the beauty that lies beyond the city.  

A Toy Story – Hong Kong Scenes come to Life through LEGO February 26th 2014: Hong Kong-based photographer Ric Tse has come up with a whole new way to pass social commentary on the city. In a project that proves the bounds of imagination are limitless when it comes to art, Tse has reconstructed distinctly recognisable Hong Kong images using Lego.  
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