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Short Film Focuses on Our Relationship with Space in Hong Kong

By Contributed content 10 March 2015
In her latest short film, 'What day is today', Hoi Ting Yeung examines our connection and detachment with space as Hong Kongers. Over several minutes the film slowly blankets the viewer, creating a mood that swings between suffocating and comfortable. We asked the filmmaker to share the story behind her project. Hoi Ting Yeung

Contributed by: Hoi Ting Yeung Today is Wednesday.

My interest in discovering the drama hidden in everyday life began at my grandfather's funeral, when I saw a staff member wearing a black t-shirt with these words in white: "Everyday is Sunday". What day is today is a deadpan story that interacts with the unique space of Hong Kong. It contains minimal use of action, very little dialogue, but a large number of deep focus, long, still takes to capture the relationship between people and space. The plot is simple. It’s about the everyday life of people working in the office, selling suitcases in the mall, but a different approach in storytelling through space, to invite the spectators experiencing the box-like living conditions of Hong Kong, as well as the detached relationships in ordinary, domestic everyday life. The details in each scene tell the story. In the living room, there are left and right, two different worlds of the father playing mahjong while his son is playing an online game, separated by a television with nobody watching. There is also the flat viewpoint of shooting people moving up and down escalators similar to transporting general cargo. Hoi Ting Yeung is a daily life collector based in Hong Kong. Video works have been screened in Taiwan and Kuala Lumpur. You can see more of her work on her website and the special taste of postcards: postcard for you.

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