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Russian Daredevils Hijack Billboard On Top of Wan Chai Skyscraper

By brian_adams 9 October 2014
Taking your photo from the top of the world’s tallest skyscrapers is yesterday’s news after Russian daredevil duo, Vitaliy Raskalov and Vadim Makhorov, upped the game with footage of their latest, jaw-dropping feat.   After rising to internet fame by scaling some of the world's most iconic buildings, including the Shanghai tower, the pair known as "On the Roofs" released this video today documenting their ascent to the top of the China Online Centre in Wan Chai. Accompanied by director Nikolai Zheludovich , Arseni Khachaturan, and Hong Konger Lau Fat Hing Hercules, the team used an elevator, stairs, and ultimately a ladder to make it to the roof. Once they were 52 stories above Hong Kong they launched a drone to capture selfies and a unique view of the Wan Chai area. Before fleeing the building, "On the Roofs" and their companions hacked the GAC billboard on top of the skyscraper and ran several messages including “What’s Up Hong Kong?” and footage from their Shanghai climb before blasting the "On the Roofs" logo across Hong Kong’s skyline for all to see. According to Raskalov and Makhorov, the pair were recently in Hong Kong and shot the video a few hours before catching a flight to Tokyo. But it seems they will be back, after all they only have kind words to say about our city. “Hong Kong is an unbelievably beautiful city and it makes you willing to come back. People there are kind and responsive. You feel respected no matter if you are local or a foreigner.” Directed by Zheludovich the video features Insightful’s “Watching Birds On Hard Drugs”. Got anything cool you'd like Localiiz to share? Send us your stuff!

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