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How To: Ride Lifts Like a Boss

By Contributed content 11 December 2015
Jeff Rotmeyer

Jeff Rotmeyer

  Hong Kong based teacher and humanitarian Jeff Rotmeyer has been dominating our city's elevator scene for years! He takes time out from teaching, running Love 21 Foundation, a society which helps the Down syndrome and autistic community, and helping the homeless, to share his top tips on how to take control of the often underestimated steel box. Studies show that the average Hong Konger spends nearly an eighth of their life riding in lifts or thinking about them - so why not do it in style?!

5 Tips for Riding Lifts Like a Boss 

  1. The Greeting. Slam incoming passengers with a heavy "Hello!" just before they step into the lift!  This will keep fellow riders on their toes for the duration of the ride. They'll be terrified that you'll ask them a question or say more words.
  2. The Whistle. Caring about social norms isn't cool! If you can't whistle, a good hum is always appreciated.
  3. The Offer. "Where ya going?" is a cool shout! Having the confidence to hit another person's button is a winning move. Whether they let you aid their process or not, follow it up with a long slow "Niiicee..." in your coolest voice.
  4. The Reach Around. When exiting the lift, after both of your feet have left the elevator, reach one arm back to hold the lift doors from slamming closed on your fellow passengers. Automatic hero status with this move and almost impossible to not get a "Thank you!"
  5. The Director. Taking charge is what bosses do! Outstretch your arms to direct who leaves first. Saying "Ladies first!" is the knockout punch!
Happy days Hong Kong! Enjoy the ride!

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