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REVIEW: The Face Spa Swiss Perfection Cellular Active Facial

By Sophie Pettit 8 April 2016
It's no secret that living in Hong Kong can wreak havoc on our skin, and as the humidity kicks in and our pores start to feel more clogged up than ever, we can often suffer from the 'breakout'. Thankfully, we are not short of top quality spas that offer the perfect antidote to this problem - a good old facial. Feeling a little clogged up myself, and keen to give my skin some much-needed love, I decided to hit The Face Spa, a one-stop cosmetic dermatology spa which specialises in tackling all sorts of skin ailments. This place treats everything from acne to ageing, pigmentation and sunburn - we've all been there - and even offers Botox and chemical peels. They clearly take skin seriously, and although I don't think I'm quite ready for a peel, I was certainly up for a more scientific approach to boosting my skin.

The Setting

[caption id="attachment_51838" align="aligncenter" width="660"]treatment room The treatment room (with Cryojet machine)[/caption] Located on the 14th floor of The Loop on Wellington Street, this hidden sanctuary edges more towards the science side of beauty treatments, which is reassuring when you turn up with a specific problem to tackle - in my case tired skin and clogged up pores. This feeling magnifies when you walk through the door of the spa, as its simple and minimalist decor, complete with white-wash interior and only a couple of shelves of products, creates more of a clinical feel. There are no scented candles or fancy water features, they get straight to the point - and they mean business. That's not to say the spa isn't a relaxing place to be, and despite being slap bang in the middle of Central, the lack of traffic noise from outside and the calming glow of the lights make you feel like you're a million miles away from the madness.

The Treatment

Given that my face was feeling a little weary, I opted for the Swiss Perfection Cellular Active Facial, a 75-minute treatment designed to give dehydrated and tired skin a boost by using a "herbal miracle" of high concentration enzymes and proteins. The Swiss Perfection product range was only introduced to the spa last month, and is only available in a few high-end spas in Hong Kong, so I felt pretty lucky to experience it. [caption id="attachment_51841" align="alignleft" width="232"]swiss The Swiss Perfection product range[/caption] Now, before you think you’ve heard all this product spiel before, let me just say that this is one of the best facials I have ever had in Hong Kong - for three reasons. One - this facial is so thorough and conducted with such skill that at times I felt like I was having an actual medical procedure, two - my lovely therapist Helen explained each stage of the treatment as she went along, meaning there were no nasty surprises and I could completely relax, and three - because none of the products contain any synthetic perfume - in fact, apart from the Iris Germanica gel, they hardly smell at all. Once the initial cleanse was complete, toning, exfoliation and extraction all followed. Unlike other facials I've had in the past, the extraction process was fairly painless - perhaps because it didn't involve "steaming" my face first to open up the pores, or maybe because Helen was so gentle. Either way, my eyes didn't water once and I wasn't left with any red marks this time. I also appreciated that Helen applied an anti-bacterial wash after to remove bacteria and stimulate circulation. Combined with relaxing bursts of shoulder and head massages, the treatment involved several stages of face masks, the most memorable being the triple whammy whereby one product was applied directly onto my skin, then covered by a wet gauze to help absorption, before a final product was lathered on top. A few minutes later and the green-coloured face mask peeled off in one swift movement to reveal an exact mold of my face - a bit creepy, but up there in the novelty fun factor! Another enjoyable part of the treatment was having the Cryojet machine (or "cooling machine") gently massage my face to encourage deeper absorption of the collagen gel and nutrients into the pores - a technique which the spa uses to treat sunburned faces. I imagine this freezing-cold magnet-like device would work wonders to sooth frazzled skin. To complete the facial, a steamed cloth was gently placed over my face, before the spa's Magical Syrum was applied to calm my skin after all that stimulation.

The Verdict

I can honestly say that my skin felt completely re-awoken after the treatment and thankfully, mark free. I put this down to the fact that the spa uses non-invasive products and gentle application throughout the whole process. And while I'm not quite ready for a chemical peel, I will definitely be checking myself back in to The Face Spa the next time my skin needs some love. While $1,580 is certainly not cheap (by the way, we got you a discount), the quality and precision of this treatment makes it fully worthwhile. You can't help but feel a little smug walking out the spa feeling fresh-faced and knowing that you didn't have to go under the knife (or needle) to get there. For precision, skill, and lack of sickly-smelling products, this place is a winner! The Face Spa, 14/F, The Loop, 33 Wellington Street, Central, (+852) 2815 1580 [su_note note_color="#eae9e8" radius="0"] LOCALIIZ DISCOUNT Localiiz readers and first time clients to The Face Spa can enjoy the Swiss Perfection Cellular Active Facial at a special price of $1,180 (originally priced at $1,580). Simply mention "Localiiz Referral" when you make your reservation over the phone (2815 1580), or WhatsApp (5438 5700). Offer ends on June 30, 2016. [/su_note]
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