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The Secret Theatre Project Returns to Hong Kong

By Suzannah_Van_Rooy 4 October 2016
After sell out shows in LA, New York, London, and Hong Kong last year, The Secret Theatre Project is making a comeback to our city this October 29 to December 15. The 'immersive theatre' group succeeded in bringing the SE7EN Deadly Sins to life during last year's curious adventure on Lamma Island, and now the team is back with another wild ride. While producers are keeping their lips tightly seal, we recap on the mystery surrounding last year's sell-out show, which left brave theatre goers hungry for more.

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For all you seat dreamers out there who have ever wanted to be in the spotlight, instead of simply observing the theatrics from the crowd, there's a small solution coming to Hong Kong and its name is Secret Theatre. Imported from London by directors and producers Richard Crawford and Daniel Burke, Secret Theatre is an immersive style theatrical production that takes place in such an environment that audience members are not only allowed to, but are encouraged to, interact with the scenes as they are unfolding. Theatre goers can hold conversations with the actors, follow them from location to location, and interact with the props used on set, I even tried to snag one of cast members' digits. secret theatre The name of the production is kept strictly under wraps, both in plot and location, so the fun part is trying to guess what it is as the drama unravels. After buying a ticket, you'll be sent an invitation to a secret venue, with a password, and a dress code. The secrecy and exclusivity definitely add to the appeal of the experience and the actors do a hell of job pulling it off. For the first production of the "Secret Theatre Project", we started in one location in Central and ended up in an abandoned mansion on a remote point on Lamma Island. Without going into great detail – it's still a secret after all - what I can say for certainty about "Secret Theatre Project" is that after living and working in the theatrical desert that is Hong Kong for almost four years, this was the most thrilling production I have attended in the city to date. Before last year, there was nothing quite like this happening in Hong Kong. The uniqueness of this concept is refreshingly creative, and not knowing what is just around the corner is exhilarating enough to keep you engaged in the action from start to finish. Secret Theatre wraps your imagination around its little finger and before you know it, the actors and the set have successfully blurred the lines between drama and reality. If you crave a little drama in your life, and want to try something completely new and exciting - get it with Secret Theatre Project. The production runs from October 29 to December 15, with tickets costing $838, available to buy at Ticketflap.
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