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Beauty Review: Love Hair Eco-friendly Salon

By Stephanie Lown 17 October 2016
From Severus Snape to Olivia Munn, Localiiz's Stephanie Lown gets an A-list hair transformation at new eco-chic salon, Love Hair. For years, my relationship with my hair ended in tears. A trip to the salon would start off with me going in with the shimmering hope of coming out of the salon in slow motion, looking like Olivia Munn, turning heads with my fabulous hair flips and the occasional lowering of sunglasses from passers-by desperate to get a better look. More often than not, however, I would end up emerging from the salon looking more like Severus Snape (after the accident). Why didn't hairdresser's 'get' me? (sigh). It turns out a little touch of magic was just what I needed, and luckily I found it in the chic and stylish new boutique salon, Love Hair.

The Venue


Conveniently located on Wellington Street in the heart of Central, this environmentally-friendly salon is already making waves in the local hair scene since opening its doors in March this year. From water-saving shower heads (which save up to 70% water), to organic hair products, this lovable hub is so committed to adopting natural and environmentally-friendly methods in its day-to-day routines that even the toilet paper and hand wash are eco-friendly. Creating A-list looks for clients, while playing a part in protecting the planet, is the number one goal of the Love Hair team, and I certainly felt red-carpet-worthy by the time I left the salon. I didn't have to wait until the end of my session to get the A-list treatment, however. The second I stepped through the green, rustic doors of the salon, to discover a cosy, idyllic sanctuary decked with creamy walls and eco-wood floors, the staff made me feel right at home, welcoming me with a steaming mug of fair trade herbal tea and a stack of glossy magazines to get stuck into. They even offered me a glass of imported wine from sustainable farms. As I sat comfortably in my chair with the latest copy of Cosmopolitan in hand, I let the Love team work their magic to take me from Severus Snape to Olivia Munn.

The Treatment


The before shot

Before getting started, the head stylist and founder of the salon, Toni, assessed the quality and health of my hair, and asked me a few questions about my daily hair care routine and what I was looking to achieve during my appointment. I had expressed my yearning for a gorgeous "lob" - also known as a long bob or "the hairstyle that works on everyone", as described by InStyle magazine. I also expressed my frustration with my recent visits to local hairdressers, and their inability to tame my Snape-like mane. With minimal description (I didn't even have to show her a photo!) I was then whisked away to their water-saving shower heads for a relaxing hair wash and massage, with their gorgeous smelling O&M products - one of which made my hair smell like watermelons for the rest of the day. It was absolutely divine! With a preliminary cut, before my blow dry and final cut, my hair was already looking sleek and well on it's way to Olivia Munn chic.

The after shot

Love-Hair-After Using only natural products and oils, which lack chemicals (or sulphates - I'm told are the usual culprits), Toni gave my hair a gorgeous glow without creating an oily or "heavy look". After the final cut, my hair no longer draped over my face lifelessly, but felt lighter and framed my cheekbones while opening up my face.

The Styling

Love Hair Beachy look For a bit of fun, Toni gave me a quick tutorial on dry styling with one of the salon's ghd hair straighteners. To achieve a beachy, wavy look, she took a few strands of hair at a time and gave it a 180 twist whilst slowly pulling the straightener downwards. We were able to achieve the classic wave - so often searched on Pinterest - within just ten minutes. A spritz of sea salt hair spray later and I was ready for my big exit. Look out world, it's a brand new Steph and it's time for some slow-mo hair flips!

The Verdict

lovehairchair-feature-image In just one hour or so, in the extremely competent hands of my stylist Toni, I was able to achieve the look I had been attempting for months. And not only that, but it was created in an environmentally-friendly way and in the comfort of an eco-chic setting - without the harmful chemicals we so often come across in our trips to the salon. There's something seriously satisfying about looking and feeling this fabulous and knowing that you didn't harm the planet in order to do it. Love Hair is good for my mane AND the environment! Score! Not only that, but the salon's international team of stylists are incredibly welcoming and well-trained, and made me feel like their priority was to ensure I felt right at home while they made my hair dreams a reality. Thanks to Toni's extensive experience and passion for delivering excellent results, I was able to kiss goodbye to my Snape-y days and strut my stuff like an A-list diva!

Love Hair, 1F, 99F Wellington Street, Central, (+852) 2458 0190

About Love Hair - Love Hair was founded by Head Stylist, Toni-Sutton Marcus, who, after falling seriously ill from toxic levels of metals in her body in 2014, decided she need to make a change. From the food she ate to the water she drank, Toni was advised to reduce her exposure to chemicals. This especially affected her work, which included the daily handling of chemicals in the form of hair dye and straightening agents. Soon after her prognosis, she met Alan Buki, O&M Brand Ambassador & Educator, and was inspired by his products that have fewer chemicals, and in 2016, Love Hair was born! Visit their website for more information.

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Stephanie Lown

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