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REVIEW: Hong Kong Yachting's Container Port Tour

By Localiiz 29 October 2015
Localiiz's Suzannah Van Rooy ditches the junk and gets on board with Hong Kong Yachting for a refreshing unique boating experience. How many times have you been on a junk and at some point during the day thought, “I wish this junk experience resulted in something other than waking up a sunburnt, hung-over, post apocalyptic zombie”? Some of you might read that last sentence and think, “The Walking Dead is the best, I’ll take my junk ‘black out with a slight chance of death’, thank you.” However, for those of you who strive for differentiation in your boating experiences, fret not, because Hong Kong Yachting is here to save the day with its unique Container Port Tour.

Container WHAT tour?

The Container Port Tour is basically your opportunity to hop on a 45-person event yacht called Jungle Jane and get an up-close-and-personal look at all the silent giants transporting goods that are being traded and manufactured across the globe. [caption id="attachment_39857" align="alignright" width="1600"]IMG_5984 All aboard Jungle Jane[/caption]  

Why would that be important to experience?

The shipping industry in Hong Kong is the fourth largest in the world and was the catalyst to turning Hong Kong into the megalopolis it is today. The Portuguese, Dutch, and French were the first to press 'like’ on Hong Kong’s strategic trade location, and the rest of the world got in line quickly thereafter. This growing popularity led to a whole host of issues such as the Opium Wars in the mid-19th century. Today, the shipping industry makes up 3 percent of Hong Kong’s economy (directly contributing to trade and manufacturing at 25% GDP) and attracts professionals from around the world. It’s worth getting to know.

Boring and uninspiring? Think again.

Believe me, it’s not. The smallest ship you will see is around 285 meters in length and carries 4 to 5,000 twenty-foot equivalent unit containers. The largest ships in the world also call Hong Kong port. These ships stretch a massive 350 to 400 meters and can carry between 12,000 and 18,000 equivalent unit containers. To put this into perspective, these larger ships contain about eight Eiffel Tower’s worth of steel and could fit around 36,000 cars inside. The tour itself is led by James Hargraves, who is not only part owner of Hong Kong Yachting, but is also a professional in the logistics sector of the shipping industry itself. This man knows his stuff. [caption id="attachment_39858" align="alignright" width="1600"]James James Hargraves shares his knowledge aboard Jungle Jane[/caption]  

Still on the fence?

If all of the above doesn’t impress you, wait until lunchtime where the tour sweeps everyone off to a deserted fisher village off the coast of Ma Wan for a scrummy BBQ lunch. The incredibly friendly and accommodating staff also serves white wine, red wine, beer, and soft drinks on board. Don’t worry, it’s free flow!


Ready to experience boat trip with a difference? Get in touch with Hong Kong Yachting to sign up and set sail on their next Container Port Tour.
Next Sailing: Sunday, January 31
Time: 11am - 4.00pm
Tickets: $900/adult, $760/child (includes beer, wine, and soft drinks, plus a BBQ sausage sizzle and salads for lunch)

Continue your voyage! Check out more of Hong Kong Yachting's events throughout the year. Enjoy! [button color="blue" size="medium" link="" icon="" target="true"]Subscribe to receive our weekly newsletter[/button]


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