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Restaurant Review: Frites 'Luxurious Sunday Roast' Package

By Sophie Pettit 18 December 2015
Our managing editor sinks her teeth into the "best roast dinner" she has eaten in Hong Kong – with a little help from her friends. Warning: do not read this when hungry! There are two things that are particularly hard to find in Hong Kong – space and a decent roast. Fortunately, I have discovered a place that offers both, and I am going to let you in on my little secret...

The Venue

frites 1
Tucked away in the side streets of Causeway Bay, a mere five-minute walk from Hysan Place, sits 4,000 square-foot of light, airy, space and the home of the best roast dinner you will find in Hong Kong. That's a big statement, but I'm English, and therefore hard to please. The 1920s style Belgian dining hall of the newly opened Frites is the ideal location if you are looking to escape your flat and spend a lazy Sunday feasting with friends. Frites knows this because with its 6-metre high ceiling, soft lighting, comfty seating, and yards of stretching tables which seat up to 150 people, it can easily entice you to while away an entire afternoon in this cosy setting – and it did!
frites2 Space is not the only alluring feature of this venue. Its new 'Luxurious Sunday Roast' package invites groups of four hungry friends to enjoy a slap-up meal where the fourth guest eats for free. At $250 per head (or $750 for four people), this is a sweet deal - especially around this festive time of year when money can be a bit tight. For this price, you get to choose two side dishes to accompany a platter of USDA 1855 Black Angus Beef. The options are sautéed green beans (with bacon and shallots), tomato and goat’s cheese salad (with red onion and sherry vinegar dressing), roast potatoes (with mixed herbs and garlic), pomme puree (creamy mash potato), frites (served with mayo), and Yorkshire puddings. The trick here is to choose wisely.

The Food

roast When it comes to a roast, people really know what they like, and winning over the stomachs of every guest can be a challenge – but Frites managed to pull it off. As we tucked our way through the huge platter of beef, served with all the trimmings, our table fell silent – apart from a lot of agreeable "mmmm" sounds. We opted to try the meat served 'rare' and 'medium/well done' and both were equally satisfying. Each bite was soft, juicy, and fall-apart-in-your-mouth delicious. Sat on a generous bed of thick gravy and surrounded by fluffy Yorkshire Puddings (with a surprising fig-filled centre), this was the perfect cut to share. We all agreed that the fig filling would be better served on the side, as it was very rich and detracted from the flavour of the Yorkshire Puddings. As for the sides, there was a clear winner for all of us – the roast potatoes served with mixed herbs and garlic. With a soft, fluffy inside and a beautifully seasoned exterior, these bite-sized treats were the first to disappear off the table. The perfect balance of mixed herbs, garlic, and salt ticked our boxes, and the generous portion meant there was plenty to go around. [caption id="attachment_43979" align="aligncenter" width="606"]potatos Roast potatoes (mixed herbs and garlic)[/caption] In second place came the sautéed green beans (served with bacon and shallots), which provided a refreshing twist to your basic greens. These were cooked to perfection – soft, juicy, and bursting with flavour – and our only complaint was there weren't enough – not as generous a serving as the roasties. [caption id="attachment_43976" align="aligncenter" width="607"]beans Sautéed green beans (bacon and shallots)[/caption] Curious to try something a bit different with our roast, we ordered the tomato and goat’s cheese salad (at an additional $60). While we all agreed this dish was absolutely delicious (especially the goats cheese and sherry vinegar dressing), it felt a bit out of place on our table of roast staples. Light and healthy – yes, but would I recommend it as one of your two options – no. Go for the potatoes and beans! [caption id="attachment_43981" align="aligncenter" width="607"]salad Tomato and goat’s cheese salad (with red onion and sherry vinegar dressing)[/caption] It's always a smart move to leave a little room for dessert, and I'm very glad we did, because munching our way through the Belgian Waffles (with whipped cream and chocolate sauce) and the Baileys Creme Brulee was the perfect way to end our (heavily) indulgent Sunday at Frites. [caption id="attachment_43982" align="aligncenter" width="615"]waffles Belgian Waffles (with whipped cream and chocolate sauce) $80[/caption] By the time you've polished off an entire platter of USDA 1855 Black Angus Beef and two (ok, three) sides, it's safe to say you'll be sharing the final course, and at around $80 per dish, it's cost effective too. There's nothing more satisfying that cracking open the layer of hard caramel with your spoon to get to the custard and Baileys base! [caption id="attachment_43978" align="aligncenter" width="610"]creme Baileys Creme Brulee $85[/caption]

The Verdict

If you're a fan of the hearty roast, but (like me) not a fan of cooking, then Frites is the perfect spot to feast on a Sunday. The quality of food is second to none and at $250 ahead per guest, you'll get far more for your money than many restaurants in Hong Kong. Just make sure you wear your stretchy pants! Locations Causeway Bay: Shop 1, G/F, Park Haven, 38 Haven Street, (+852) 2142 5233 Central: 1/F, The Wellington, 198 Wellington Street, (+852) 2217 6671 Wan Chai: Shop 6, 1/F Causeway Centre, 28 Harbor Road, (+852) 2877 2422 Quarry Bay: G/F, Oxford House, Taikoo Place, 979 King’s Road, Island East, (+852) 2250 5188 Opening Hours Monday – Sunday, 12pm - late
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