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Rebounding: Hong Kong's Hottest Fitness Trend

By Promotions 31 October 2016

With a world of fitness on our doorstep, it's hard to identify the micro-differences between this gym or that gym. Luckily for us, BounceLimit is introducing new, fun, and invigorating classes designed to help us escape the monotonous landscape of treadmills and weight racks. We explore more.[pro_ad_display_adzone id="73367"]

Rebounding … Come Again?

Keeping in line with the adult playground that is Hong Kong, Asia's first trampoline fitness studio is introducing us to rebounding. A far cry from nostalgic childhood memories of play dates, rebounding is an instructor-lead class that combines fist-pumping music with intense cardio exercise on individual trampolines called rebounders. Don't worry, it's sophisticated equipment that controls your bounce, so there's no chance of you flying away here!

What are the Benefits?

BounceLimit classes focus on the whole body, meaning you are going to be bikini - or man-kini - fit a lot faster than traditional exercise methods allow. Each class involves different elements of joint mobility, flexibility, agility, stretching, strengthening, coordination, and rehabilitation. Plus, even simply rebounding in proper form engages the core, which strengthens and tones your abdominal and back areas.There's also the 'feel good factor' as rebounding requires constant movement to happy beats, causing blood to circulate intensely throughout the body, which activates the lymphatic system and flushes out extra waste and toxins. Then there's the added bonus of all that happy hormone (aka endorphin) release in your brain, which is proven to be nature's best combatant of stress, depression, and anxiety - otherwise known as 'the everyday grind in Hong Kong'.And lastly, although rebounding is an intense and effective workout, the rebounders keep the body safe from the wear and tear of high-impact exercise. It's low-impact surface absorbs 85 percent of shock on the body and helps minimise pressure placed on tendons, ligaments, and joints.

Why Choose BounceLimit Classes over a Gym?

BounceLimit provides a perfect alternative to the drab, daily gym scene with fun and invigorating classes from high intensity training in TabataBounce or CombatBounce, cardio training in AirBounce, strength training in BouncePilates and TRXBounce, and stability with coordination training in DanceBounce and MTVBounce. The best part is you can buy packages of classes or individual classes instead of having a monthly dent in your bank account.So, are you ready to rebound at Bounce? Click here for more information about BounceLimit's classes and costs.[embed]


[su_note note_color="#faf49c"]Get Rebound Instructor Certified


Calling all fitness freaks, personal trainers, dance aficionados, and movement lovers! Get rebound instructor certified with Asia's first trampoline fitness studio, BounceLimit, and lead others in their journey to better health and fitness!When: Saturday November 12 & 19, 9am - 5pmWhere: BounceLimit, The Pemberton 13/f, 22-26 Bonham Strand, Sheung WanSign Up: simply email: [email protected] Senior Trainer Manager, Siobhan Dumigan, shares her experience of BounceLimit Instruction:"I am a dancer, personal trainer, and group fitness instructor, so naturally, the combination of moves, music, and creativity of the rebounding classes really resonate with me. At first, rebounding was just a really fun way to exercise, but I was hooked after experiencing the intensity of the class and feeling the effectiveness of the workout. I also really loved knowing that it was completely safe for my body, as the rebounder absorbs most of the shock on your joints and gets the blood flowing through your body. That's why, when I heard BounceLimit was training instructors, I jumped on the opportunity, and now I've been working with them since 2014!"


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