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Pure FILTH: Spoof Video Provides Hilarious Explanation for British Expats Takeover of Hong Kong

By Localiiz 14 March 2014
March 14th 2014 British expats have always had a huge presence in Hong Kong. The obvious explanation, besides the fact that this city is just plain awesome, is that the territory was under British Rule from 1841 to 1997. However, Hong Kong-based jokers The Expats think there could be another reason for the unabated British migration. A satirical sketch posted on YouTube takes the form of a promotional video for FILTH (Failed in London Try Hong Kong), a pathways programme that will “bring you from the dump that you’re living in now to the luxurious city of Hong Kong.” The company offers its clients CV consultation, business training and personal styling tips in order to transform “broke blokes” into “billionaire businessmen”. One such former broke bloke, Garry, tells us how he left his job as a dustman in London and is now an investment banker with a Ferrari, a hot new wife and an apartment on The Peak. Sweet deal. If only it were that easy!

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