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Popcorn and Opinions: June 11

By Localiiz 12 June 2015
Every now and then a new flick comes out that seems to divide the sexes, and we had a sneaking suspicion that new release, Entourage might be one of them. So in the name of fun, we sent two of Localiiz's biggest movie buffs along to the preview to duke it out (gloves off) and give a 'his and hers' review of Vince and his crew. Without further ado, it's over to you Anton and Suzannah!


His In 2004, HBO piloted a TV show that gave every guy the hope he could rise to fame and enjoy every bit of booze and boobs that he could dream of (moreover, he could share every bit of this fantasy with his homeboys). This show was called Entourage. After the series ended, a promise of a movie would shortly follow, and it couldn't have come any sooner ... or so I thought. I found myself filled with giddy excitement as the movie started, seeing the faces of Drama, E, Turtle, Ari and Vinnie brought back memories from my yesteryears and got my hopes up that the movie would be 120 minutes of pure, unadulterated fun. Sadly, this was not the case. There was too much talking and poor editing (they've even cut the sex scene!), and what they made into a 2-hour movie could have easily been packed into a 1-hour episode. Was there an abundance of hot women? Yes. Was there a lot of partying and boozing? Yes. Was there a star-studded cast? Yes. But this wasn't enough to hold the story together. Though the movie had all the elements that made the show a success, it didn't have enough character or substance to compete next to it's TV show older brother. However I did enjoy the little references and jokes they pulled from the show, from the classic Ari Gold rage-rants to the awkward one-liners from Johnny, it made the experience just the bit more intimate. It goes without saying that the movie had it's ups and downs, plus the story lacked the umph I was expecting, but the nostalgia it brought most definitely out-trumps the bad. So, should you decide to watch it, round up your crew and, at the very least, grab a drink (or two or three) after the movie and relive the dream for just one more night.
Hers I've been curious to see what all the buzz about Entourage was all about, albeit, not curious enough to take the time to actually watch the series. That being said, pretty much every TV watching male in my life is super pumped about this movie. I made the effort to check it out so I could at least have an opinion when it came up in conversation. Overall, I was unimpressed, as a typical female probably would be about a movie that consists of a lot of bros exhibiting behavior which more closely resembles that of our close cousins (the primate) than a rational and evolved man. However much of a negative nancy I can be about this movie, I can say that it was entertaining in some aspects. Here are the top three things I really enjoyed about the movie Entourage: 1) The preview for Magic Mike 2. Ladies, amiright? 2) It answers the question,"Whatever happened to that really cute child actor who saw dead people in that Bruce Willis movie?" 3) The only two Texans in the movie had horses, lived on a ranch, carried a pistol in a holster on their hip, and were loaded with oil money. As you do in Texas. (We'd like to add that Suzannah is a born-and-bred Texan!) If you're looking to not exercise any critical thinking or analytical skills or be emotionally inspired in any way shape or form, watching Entourage is a perfect activity for you!

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