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Police Attacked by "Radical Protestors"

By brian_adams 15 October 2014
Police officers were kicked and attacked with umbrellas early this morning leaving several injured as they cleared Occupy Central demonstrators from a heavily trafficked roadway. Steve Hui Chief Superintendent for the Police Public Relations Branch described a chaotic scene that began at 2:45 a.m. resulting in 45 arrests. Five officers were injured including one suffering a dislocated shoulder after being pushed to the ground and another was injured in the corner of his eye with an umbrella. Occupy Central demonstrators created an “extremely irresponsible and dangerous” situation the previous evening Hui said after using materials including concrete drainage covers to block Lung Wo Road. When police began clearing the area of demonstrators early this morning, they were attacked according to Hui. “This can hardly be a peaceful means of protest,” Hui said. Police officers used pepper spray in response to the attacks. Hui also addressed a video allegedly showing six police officers restraining a man, taking him away from the demonstrations, and beating him for roughly four minutes. Hui said the complainant was examined by hospital staff but has not yet been interviewed by police though he remains in custody. Police did not confirm the man’s identity, however Occupy Central is alleging he is Civic Party member Ken Tsang. The officers in the video, Hui said, also have not yet been interviewed. “The officers concerned will be removed from their current duties,” he said. Hui also warned Occupy demonstrators from constructing barriers or reinforcing existing barricades. “Anyone doing so will be removed and even arrested,” he said.   Got anything you'd like Localiiz to share? Send us your stuff!
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