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PHOTOS: Perfectly Timed Photos of Urban Hong Kong

By Contributed content 26 June 2015
Marissa Reyes Some might say that the key to great photography is capturing an image at just the right moment to bring it meaning and life. One woman who is lucky enough to have mastered this skill is Mexican graphic designer and photographer Marissa Reyes, who is always in the right place at the right time to see art imitate real life in urban Hong Kong. I like walking through the 'Central Oasis' and enjoying its colourful murals and interesting exhibitions. Walking around the building always offers an exciting display of a live and ever changing scenario of curious and fun interaction between the constant images printed on the wall and the different elements that almost seem to attract themselves to stand in certain spots where they can create living images. Some of these can be ironies like the lady holding a plastic bag in her hand, just above a pile of real rubbish bags. Others present a metaphor, like the pair of work colleagues holding paperwork as they walk over that appears to be a collection of compressed paper for recycling, showing us how some people choose to turn their backs on this environmental issue. Then there is the double statement, such as the luxury red car parked below a high-life bar scene full of shades of red; and contrasts such as a strained man pushing a trolley full of happy kids, unable to move because of a 'real life' obstacle. Sometimes there are even perfect pairings, like the beautiful pregnant lady dressed in white dots over blue as she casually stands next to a happy couple whose baby girl is wearing the exact same thing. Ephemeral art outside the gallery. Would we know where to stand by these walls? The black pigeon sure does! [masterslider id="99"]   Check out more of Reyes' photos on Facebook and Instagram.

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