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Photos Document Homeless Dog's Transformation at SPCA

By Brian Adams 29 April 2015
When Thomas arrived at the SPCA two years ago he was little more than skin and bones. Months of living without shelter on the rooftop of a village house in Yuen Long had taken its toll on the dog's small frame. Patches of skin and open lesions were visible where fur should have covered his back. His hip bones, ribs, and tendons were all too visible. At 7.9kg he was less than half of his ideal weight. But after months of abuse, in a photo used to document the cruelty he endured, his tail is curled, his ears stood up at attention, and his eyes were wide. Such is the resilient attitude of many dogs that face days on end of the worst cruelty – neglect, the lengthy precursor to an agonising death. On September 30, 2013, Thomas was lucky thanks to a neighbour who spoke up and reported the abuse he faced each day. He was taken from his owner who was charged and sentenced to imprisonment of two months (suspended for two years) and fined $3,000. Since that September day, Thomas has regained his health, blossoming to a vibrant 18.4kg, but he still remains homeless. He is what the SPCA calls a long-stayer. "Although we have trained professionals like our veterinary team and kennel keepers caring for our animals waiting for homes, caring homes are the ultimate destiny they need, instead of being caged in kennels all year long," says Dr. Fiona Woodhouse, Deputy Director of Welfare Services at the SPCA (HK). [caption id="attachment_29308" align="aligncenter" width="409"]Jock Jock is looking for a home after two years with the SPCA.
Photo courtesy of the SPCA (HK).[/caption] Among those pets that remain in need of homes for far too long is Jock. Now 3-years-old, he arrived at the SPCA in November 2013 after a car hit him and his spine was injured. He recovered from his injuries but he was diagnosed and treated for tick fever and canine distemper. His lengthy road to recovery now complete, Jock is waiting patiently for his new home. Thomas and Jock are just two of the many homeless pets waiting to be adopted at this year’s three-day Pet Adoptathon. The event will be held from May 1-3 at all SPCA (HK)'s animal adoption centres and also feature pet care seminars and a veterinary service open day available for free at the SPCA’s Wan Chai headquarters. For more information on Pet Adoptathon 2015 please visit the SPCA’s website and check out the pets in need of homes.

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