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Photographing Intrigue on Hong Kong's Streets

By Contributed content 6 March 2015
They say practice makes perfect, and it certainly has for professional photographer Keith Mulcahy, whose lifetime passion for photography has enabled him to capture perfect moments in Hong Kong, his home for the past seven years. SPONSOR NAME

Contributed by: Keith MulcahyMy passion for photography began as a teenager in England when I acquired my first camera and Olympus OM1. This fully manual film camera allowed me to develop my photographic skills.

I find Hong Kong inspirational, it is such a vibrant city with such diversity, and you can be hiking on the mountains, on the beach, then in heart of a global city within a few minutes. [caption id="attachment_26251" align="alignleft" width="262"]Woman at stall - black cygnus Photo courtesy of Keith Mulcahy[/caption] Hong Kong provides such a wide array of subject matter and the city changes on a day-to-day basis; you can visit the same location multiple times in a week and see something different each time. I love exploring Hong Kong. I see part of my responsibility to document the changing face of my adopted home, bring a western perspective with local knowledge and experience, what seems ordinary to us today will be special in the future. I feel this particularly strongly in Hong Kong, where everything is so fast pace and people’s priorities are often on the here and now. This collection of photos is based on my work over the last three years, many of the shots are in black and white, I often find that this medium benefits street photography creating dramatic emphasis, I particularly like high contrast in these shots. [caption id="attachment_26260" align="alignright" width="280"]Resting man cigarette - Black Cygnus Photo courtesy of Keith Mulcahy[/caption] I often have the urge to take photos and street photography provides an ideal subject matter. Typically I will spend half a day a week doing street photography, I usually decide which location to go in advance, do some research, but when I arrive I wander around observing what’s happening and then take photos of ‘moments’ that intrigue and interest me. When taking a photo I consider what is the story that it tells, I imagine I am back at school where the teacher has given me a photo and asked my to write a story based on the image in front of me. Rather than editing photos in one go, I edit a few at a time, often leaving months between taking a photo and editing it, often this gives me a new insight into locations and has lead to me revisiting places where I have taken photos. Check out more of Mulcahy’s photography at Black Cygnus.

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