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Philharmonic Raises $2.2M for Little Henry

By Localiiz 11 February 2015
150106-boy_battling_cancer-henry_200x300Two-year-old Henry Li has received much needed funds to help him in his cancer battle following last month's fundraising concert held by the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra. According to a letter posted on Facebook from the founder of Y. S. Liu Foundation and Vice Chairman of the Hong Kong Philharmonic Society Ltd., the concert raised $2.2million for the son of a violist in the orchestra. Diagnosed with bilateral retinoblastoma in both eyes on New Year’s Eve 2013, Little Henry as he is known on Facebook, underwent cycles of chemotherapy. The cancer proved to be as aggressive as the therapy and robbed Henry of his left eye, which was surgically removed. The cancer in Henry’s right eye continues to advance, requiring further treatment. Doctors are pursuing a new course of treatment at Wills Eye Hospital in Philadelphia, to save Henry’s remaining eye, but the care is costly. Brachytherapy, a form of radiation therapy, requires placing radioactive pellets in a small carrier which surgeons stitch to the eyeball, directly in or near the cancer.

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