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Pandamonia in Hong Kong: Must their Future be Black & White?

By Localiiz 22 May 2014
May 22nd 2014 By Olivia James In less than three weeks’ time, Hong Kong will receive a mass Mainland invasion with a difference, as 1,600 paper-mache pandas march on the city. Part of the Pandas World Tour, which has already journeyed through five countries, this black and white brigade will sniff out their final stop at Soho’s PMQ, but not before a whirlwind tour of the city’s most famous landmarks. Cameras at the ready!

They're coming to Hong Kong on June 9th!

  When you live, work and play in a landscape like Hong Kong, where the impressive achievements of humanity are reflected in every gleaming tower block, it is important to remember the plight of those for whom existence isn’t so quite so easy. While most are aware that pandas are endangered, the severity of this statement isn’t always understood to its fullest, and many underestimate the very real potential that the species could soon no longer grace the planet.

The pandas en Paris!

  In order to raise awareness around the issue, acclaimed French artist Paulo Grangeon has combined conservation with creativity, fashioning 1,600 paper-mache pandas to represent the shockingly small number still left in the wild. Having already briefly inhabited urban jungles in France, the Netherlands, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Taiwan, this army of cute creations is set to arrive in the city on June 9th and leave their furry footprints at Hong Kong Airport, the Big Buddha, Tsing Ma Bridge, Shatin Racecourse, the Hong Kong Coliseum, the Clock Tower and Victoria Park, as well as stopping in on their pals Ying Ying, Le Le, An An and Jia Jia at Ocean Park.

The Hong Kong tour route!

  The tour, which began in 2008, will allow Hong Kong citizens to interact closely with the paper-mache pandas, an element that both creator Grangeon and sponsor WWF hopes will promote the city’s creative industry while fostering an imaginative and sustainable environment for man and nature to coexist. To celebrate the final stop on the impressive journey, Grangeon will create four more one-of-a-kind bears to join their contemporaries for a final exhibition at PMQ (Aberdeen Street, Central) towards the end of the month. So come rub shoulders with the little fellas, stop making jokes about their sex drive, and show your support for conservation!

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