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Painting in Secrecy

By Brian Adams 20 January 2015
[caption id="attachment_22411" align="alignleft" width="168"]DSC_0100 PHOTO: Missymtoyz[/caption] A conversation with Fin Dac about his top-secret work. Localiiz: You frequently paint objects others might not. What challenges were present painting a rooftop? FD: Spray cans are designed to work when held vertically. Using them any other way means they don’t work optimally. So painting horizontally meant a slightly different and more time consuming approach. But it wasn’t a huge deal as I wasn’t under any time pressure. Localiiz: How long did this take you to paint? FD: Four days and it really wasn’t hard work. We relaxed, took some beach breaks, had a beer from time to time…it was actually a lot of fun! Localiiz: Did you mainly use can and brush? FD: Yes. I used some paint that the owner had used on her building previously for the mask and splash, black acrylic for the line work, and black spray for the shading. The paint bill was small considering the size of the roof. [masterslider id=25] Localiiz: Why the woman with the dragon on her back? FD: Quite simply because the owner of the building described the place around it. I paint a lot of girls with tattoos and have done dragon designs previously. But making the decision to travel to Hong Kong coincided with me working with a new model that just happened to have this particular tattoo. It was synchronicity at its best. Localiiz: Is this the largest painting you have ever done? FD: It’s up there but definitely not the biggest. I think that award goes to a piece I did in Bratislava last year. Localiiz: What did you enjoy about this project? FD: Everything, literally. No stress, the weather was nice: sunny but not too humid, shade from the sun when I needed it, friends popping by for a beer in the evening, etcetera, etcetera. It was one of the most pleasurable pieces I’ve ever done to be honest. Plus it was my first time in HK so it had added meaning.

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