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Restaurant Review: Ore-no Kappou

By Contributed content 26 June 2015
For foodies across the city, dining at the latest Michelin style restaurant would be considered the ultimate treat, but is it always what it's been cracked up to be, or worth the extra dollars? Food blogger Christy Ma (aka lolleroll) puts this question to the test and heads over to Japanese eatery, Ore-no Kappou at the new California Tower in Lan Kwai Fong. Ore-no Kappou markets itself to serve Michelin-quality food for the masses. I had just finished my evening workout at LKF’s Pure and was thinking of grabbing some casual Japanese food, Sen Ryo? Then I remembered Ore-no Kappou was just downstairs and decided to give it a shot.

Worth my money but not “affordable”

Casual is the environment but definitely not the price. At $700 per person, it's hardly a meal to be labelled “affordable”. That said, there were cheap items in addition to expensive ones and the latter items were always sufficiently backed by excellent quality that I would say justifies the price. So the Michelin-quality part of their marketing proposition does indeed apply to the ingredients they use. image Excellent and fresh quality Assorted Sashimi (small portion) – $480 *must order* The high quality of their food was most evident in the sashimi. Everything on that platter was super fresh and extremely delicious. The toro was so fat that that alone filled up half my stomach. They also had sea urchin as part of the platter that day, but I’m no fan and asked for a swap. They serve the freshest fish flown from Japan as part of this order, so it was definitely not Michelin-quality service of them to dump it on our table without saying a word about what fish was on the plate. image Perfectly Battered Eel Tempura – $100 I love eel and rarely see it tempura-style. It was a pretty decently sized whole piece of eel, perfectly fried in batter. They serve it with a dark smokey salt that matches the fish very well. Definitely a must-order for eel lovers. image Refreshing Cold Bukkake Udon – $50 *must order* I don’t actually know what Bukkake Udon is supposed to be like. To describe it in my own childish words, it was cold udon in some light soy sauce-y base and some other accompanying ingredients (including an onsen egg!). The udon quality itself was top notch, super al dente and chewy. The overall dish was a refreshing carbohydrate that sided well with our fatty fish and meat mains. At a better-than-reasonable price tag of just $50, it’s a must order. image Fatty Wagyu Beef Steak – $400 Look at the marbling in the steak! This wagyu beef had a lot of marbling fat which made the meat super tender and flavoursome. It was cooked to medium rare (without requesting). With such good quality meat and decent portion (there were about 7 of these slices), it was worth the 400 bucks. image Pineapple Creme Brulee – $60 *must order* We wow-ed out loud when the table next to us ordered this and it was definitely a good decision to follow suit. The creme brulee had a thin cracking crust and smooth pudding-like centre. However, they only had 3 dessert options and this was the only appealing one to me. At $60, I thought this was also a pretty good deal.

Good food will bring me back!

One note on the menu is that there were a lot of sea urchin and foie gras items, which are the two foods I can’t stand the taste of. So with those items ruled out, I didn’t feel like I had a whole lot to choose from. Overall, the bill came up to about $1400 for two, including a 300ml sake, which was not expensive but too average in taste to mention. The overall meal is definitely much less affordable that I had expected, given the online reviews I read, the super casual environment (almost elbow-touchingly crowded) and sub-par service. The items in general are quite high in absolute price (with exceptions like the udon), but the meal was definitely worth it. All the food we ordered was fresh and impressed. I’d order every single one of those dishes again the next time! Spend per person: $700 (including sake) Ore-no Kappou, 6/F California Tower, 32 D’Aguilar Street, Lan Kwai Fong, Central, (+852) 2328 3302

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